Toyota Sienna Owners Manuals · Toyota Sienna Owners Manuals · Toyota Sienna Owners Manuals · Toyota Sienna Owners Manuals. Toyota Sienna Owners Manual [Toyota] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Owners Manual. Toyota Sienna Owner’s Manual ( Toyota Sienna Owner’s Manual) [ Toyota Motor Corporation] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Then slide the damaged. During the rocking operation the vehicle may suddenly move forward or backward as it becomes unstuck, causing injury or damage to nearby people or ob- jects. Other appliances requiring an extremely stable power supply: Page 64 To close: All trip meter data is cancelled if the elec- trical power source is disconnected.

The screen changes and displays the manuzl location of the selected destination and the route preference.

Toyota Sienna Workshop & Owners Manual | Free Download

Always wear the belt with the shoul- der portion over the outside armrest and the lap portion under the outside armrest. The screen changes manal displays the map If the same name exists in more than one city, location of the selected destination and the a search can be performed more easily with route preference. Replace only with same or equivalent type recommended by a Toyota dealer. At certain parts or components and shows deal- the specified date, the memo information will er information if registered on the screen.

Place one spacer on the pin that would be to adhesion of the Velcro. Avoid vehicle speed increases when driving downhill.


This Data is provided to Disclaimer of Liability: OMU Page When the belt is then retracted even slightly, it cannot be extended. Carefully dispose of the battery cover again. Outside temperature and cruise information display 6. Owneers hybrid vehicles have set the standard for technology, efficiency and drivability. Touch the desired attribute.

In this case, slide the seat to the rear- most lock position and siennaa do the above op- eration again. If the player has scanned all the discs, it will stop scanning. This means drive at an appropriate and cautious that the traction control system is in the speed for the present road condi- self- check mode, but does not indicate a tions.

OMU Page To turn on the front fog lights, twist the band of the headlight and turn sig- nal switch lever. In the following cases, the buzzer will sound several times and the indicator will stay on to indicate that the system is not working properly. When the vehicle is forwarding, the front corner sensors work.

Important Information About This Manual You are informed about what you must or must not do in order to avoid or reduce the risk of damage to your vehicle and its equipment. It oowners helps pre- The doors will be locked mqnual unlocked tion. Set the disc again. Have a technician repair the flat tire and re- place the spare tire with it. Every touch on a letter key narrows the selec- The system starts route search and displays tion.

If the signal becomes extremely weak, the radio switches from stereo to mono recep- tion. With manual air conditioning system During calibration, do not operate elec- tric systems moon roof, power win- dows, etc.


2006 Toyota Sienna – Owner’s Manual (515 pages)

The dis- To view the next page. When you release the button, the player will resume playing. When this screen is displayed, try the 3. We do our best to prevent these issues from happening and apologize for any inconvenience it may cause.

In the event of a frontal collision, the more the seat is re- clined, the greater the risk of death or personal injury. Quality grades can be found where appli- cable on the tire sidewall between tread shoulder ownegs maximum sec- tion width.

OMU Page airbag and inflator 4. When the vehicle is stopped on a slope, the door will slide faster when opening or closing, so be es- pecially careful that the passengers do not get hit or pinched by the door.

OMU Page To turn on the rear air conditioning system using the front control panel, push the button. Vehicles with the wind- shield wiper de- icer, the windshield wiper blades will be de- iced. Then slide the seat forward along the groove of the bezel until the front legs will reach the striker.