54LS32 Quad 2-input OR GATE. This device contains four independent gates each of which performs the logic OR function. Features. Alternate Military. 54LS32 Datasheet PDF Download – Quad 2-Input OR Gates, 54LS32 data sheet. 54LS32 Datasheet pdf, 54LS32 PDF Datasheet, Equivalent, Schematic, 54LS32 Datasheets, 54LS32 Wiki, Transistor, Cross Reference, PDF Download,Free.

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Matrix of RAM elements. In the late s most plants switched to a 4-digit code with a 2-digit year followed by a 2-digit month e.

The Romanization of Russian is standardized, only there are at least 11 standards to choose from. Operational amplifier or Differential amplifier [ab]. Retrieved 8 March Glass-ceramic dual in-line package DIP.

For the number after the functional group there is no concept of a series. Digital signal processor with analogue inputs and outputs.


Soviet integrated circuit designation

It should be noted that the French romanization of Russian and the German romanization of Russian differ in some letters from the one used in English.

However, integrated circuits for military, aerospace, and nuclear applications in Russia still have to follow the standard designation. Other digital circuits e. Retrieved 17 November Retrieved 13 May Analogue switches and Multiplexers for voltages [i].

Square wave pulse shapers including monostable multivibrators. Retrieved 21 November Retrieved 1 September Archived from the original on 1 May For bare chips a one digit constructive variant identifier follows the type designation.

Signal level converter including impedance matchinglogic voltage level shifters. Later the month was given as one or two digits e.

AS Alfa, RigaLatvia [25]. Bulgarian designations for bipolar integrated circuits, e. A1 for January A date code is usually printed on the package. XOR gatesmajority function gates [m].

(PDF) 54LS32 Datasheet download

Retrieved 7 May At least the series of integrated circuits bore an IEC letter and digit code e. RD Alfa, RigaLatvia [37]. Retrieved 7 April Archived from the original on 5 June Change of designation] in Russian. Functional signal converter e.


54LS32 Datasheet

Retrieved 6 June The nomenclature for integrated circuits has changed somewhat over the years as new standards were published:. Retrieved 6 March For mask-programmed devices e.

Retrieved 21 March Electronics lists Computing in the Soviet Union. Archived from the original on 23 August Array with a specific function e. Audio frequency low frequency amplifier.

Retrieved 28 March Archived from the original on 30 June Retrieved 14 April For the and standards the variant digit follows immediately after the package designation N e. Negative adjustable voltage linear regulator. Other array of cells e. Dual-polarity symmetric fixed voltage linear regulator. Retrieved 24 May Retrieved 15 May