Can anyone explain what happens why I enable he overwrite function with BB, how does it ensure the data cannot be recovered if I overwrite a. Supercedes AFSSI , 15 April OPR: HQ AFCA/SYSS (MSgt Michael E. Bishop). Certified by: HQ AFCA/SYS (Ronald G. Goessman). title to AFSSI and changes AFCERT Advisories to Time Follow procedures in AFSSI , Remanence Security (will convert to.

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Under BB’s preferences options why not enable users to choose standard secure erasing patterns like: Physical destruction and degaussing destroy the digital media, requiring disposal and afdsi to electronic waste qfssi negatively impacting the carbon footprint of individuals and companies.

Then, reload software and data files from uncontaminated backup. Destruction at an approved metal destruction facility i. This makes any more than 1 Pass an unnecessary and certainly a more damaging act especially as drives have passed the 1TB mark.

Overwriting programs 502 operate through the OS will not always perform a complete erasure because they cannot modify the contents of the hard drive that are actively in use by that OS.

Government contracts have been discovered on hard drives found in Agbogbloshiethe unregulated e-waste centre in Ghana. Purge every system on the LAN and contaminated backups.

Air Force System Security Instruction – Remanence Security

Center afssj Magnetic Recording Research. Data erasure can be deployed over a network to target multiple PCs rather than having to erase each one sequentially. For buying the Cloth or Something see Terms and Conditions.


Strict industry standards and government regulations are in place that force organizations to mitigate the risk of unauthorized exposure of confidential corporate and government data. Software-based overwriting uses a software application to write a stream of zeros, ones or meaningless pseudorandom data onto all afxsi of a hard disk drive.

Air Force System Security Instructions AFSSI

Software-driven data erasure could also be compromised by malicious code. Communications Security Establishment Canada. Declassify the system s after observing the organization’s respective validation and review procedures. Ideally, software designed for data erasure should: Then, reload from clean backup.

German Federal Office for Information Security The logo is copyrighted under the GPL. Many data eradication programs also provide multiple overwrites so that they support recognized government and industry standards, though a single-pass overwrite is widely considered to be sufficient for modern hard disk drives.

Retrieved 31 October Unless otherwise noted, the web page content is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3. By accessing the entire hard drive, data erasure eliminates the risk of data remanence.

It operates directly with sector sizes such as, andremoving the need to first reformat back to sector size.

The data is time sensitive i. Drives with this capability are known as self-encrypting drives SEDs ; they are present on most modern enterprise-level laptops and are increasingly used in the enterprise to protect the data. If necessary, reload from clean backup.


Data erasure tools can also target specific data on a disk for routine erasure, afsssi a hacking protection method that is less time-consuming than software encryption.

Many government and industry standards exist for software-based overwriting that removes the data. Social security numberscredit card numbers, bank details, medical history and classified information are often stored on computer hard drives or servers. Unlike degaussing and physical destruction, which render the storage media unusable, data erasure removes all information while leaving the disk operable.

Data erasure sometimes referred to as data clearing or data wiping is a software-based method of overwriting the data that aims to completely destroy all electronic data residing on a hard disk drive or other digital media by using zeros and ones to overwrite data onto all sectors of the device.

Air Force System Security Instructions AFSSI-5020

If data erasure does not occur when a disk is retired or lost, an organization or user faces a possibility that the data will be stolen and compromised, leading to identity theft, loss of corporate reputation, threats to regulatory compliance and financial impacts.

Credit card numbers, private financial dataaccount information and records of online transactions can be accessed by most willing individuals. Air Force System Security Instruction [13].