However, what made this settlement, known as Ai-Khanoum (‘Lady Moon’ in Uzbek), special was the fact that it would not have looked out of. The Spatial Organization of Ai Khanoum, a Greek. City in Afghanistan. LAuriAnne MArTinez-Sève. ArTiCLe. Abstract. The excavations of the Greek settlement of. The ruins of an ancient fortified city close to the village of Ai Khanum / Ai Khanoum in northern Afghanistan (and east of the city of Balkh) are thought to be the.

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The result of this amalgamation was a distinctly Greek culture that nonetheless had recognisable local influence. Altogether, six such Indian-standard silver drachmas in the name of Al were discovered at Ai-Khanoum in Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

By use ng these double adjectives you give the impression that these two identities were distinct and separate.

Site of Ai Khanoum. Ai Khanoum, Takhar Province. | ACKU Images System

In a Lieutenant Wood heard local people refer to the site as “Barbarrah”. Fascinating — the cities founded by Alexander were amazing, even if this one seems to have been founded later, it was inspired by Alexander. The work had to be abandoned with the onset of the Soviet—Afghan Warduring which the site was looted and used as a battleground, leaving very little of the original material.

Authors have speculated that this image represents the Greek sun god Helios. The mission unearthed various structures, some of them ao Hellenistic, some other integrating elements of Persian architecture:. Mineral khanou were abundant in the back country towards the Hindu Kushespecially the famous so-called ” rubies khanoun actually, spinel from Badakshanand gold.


Seleucid Coins of Bactriap. Views Read Edit View history. Numerous Seleucid coins were thus reattributed to the Ai-Khanoum mint rather recently, with the conclusion kahnoum Ai-Khanoum was probably a larger minting center than even Bactra.

In the late 4th Century BCE, the great Persian Empire was toppled by the young Macedonian king, initiating a remarkable cultural diaspora. Ostraca from the treasury. Statue of an old man, from the gymnasium.

Author: K. E. Eduljee

His account of his visit to Bactria, including his recollection of his amazement at finding Chinese kganoum in hkanoum markets acquired via Indiaas well as his travels in the rest of Central Asia, is preserved in the works of the early Han historian Sima Qian.

Yasna 45 pdf Jackson: You are commenting using your WordPress. Perhaps, this city was identical to Ai Khanum in Afghanistan. The plate shows what appear to be a combination of Greek and Zoroastrian elements: Indeed, almost as soon as Antiochus and his army departed for the west, the Greco-Bactrian Kingdom reestablished its independence. Unfortunately, Ai-Khanoum would not survive to benefit from trade with China.

With your greatly appreciated support, no matter how small, Real History can continue to produce content that is accurate, research and, above all, readable.

This was the birth of the Silk Kahnoum. Among the finds are Greek and Indian coins, several inscriptions, sundials, jewelry, a famous silver disk showing the Phrygian goddess Cybelethe Greek god Helios, and an Iranian fire altar.

Ai Khanum is situated on the confluence of the mighty Amudar’ya the ancient Oxus and the Kokcha rivers.

Ai-Khanoum was one such settlement. Ancient ruins are not hard to come by in Central and Western Asia.


Ai-Khanoum – Travel guide at Wikivoyage

As a child, be orderly, As a youth, be self-controlled, As an adult, be just, As an old man, be of good counsel, When dying, be without sorrow.

Independence Bactria and nearby Sogdiana and Ferghana had always proven difficult for even the Persian Empire to control, chiefly as a result of the sheer distance of these fringe provinces from the heart of the empire.

This second coming was to prove the dawn of a khanouj age for the Kingdom, which began to prosper as it expanded in all directions, reaching its territorial peak in BCE.

With the Seleucids focused on the ongoing jostling with the other Khaboum states in the west, the Greco-Bactrians were able to expand their influence in the east.

Inthe film-maker David Adams photojournalist produced a six part documentary mini-series about the ancient city entitled “Alexander’s Lost World”. Were Ancient Zoroastrians Vegetarian? The precepts were placed by a Greek named Clearchos, who may or may not have been Clearchus of Soli the disciple of Aristotle[6] who, according to the same inscription, had copied them from Delphi:.

Across the valley is a spectacular wall of steep rocks. Notify me of new comments via email. After all, the city of Bactra, from which Bactria derives its name, was over 2,kms 1, miles from the Persian capital at Babylon in the vicinity of modern Baghdad.