QR code for Aku hamasah as-syabab. Title, Aku hamasah as-syabab. Author, Afiq Sazlan. Published, ISBN, , Length, . Available in National Library (Singapore). Author: Afiq Sazlan,, Length: pages ;, Identifier: Alhamdullilah hari ni Allah bagi kesempatan mase untuk bagi makan rohani to my poor soul. Today, my batchmate organised one program that called SIrah.

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Aku hamasah as-syabab – Afiq Sazlan – Google Books

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Some may thought Afiq Sazlan was a better talker, but hamasah as syabab is really because of their different personality and because Afiq Sazlan suits the audience best.


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Aku Hamasah As-Syabab

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