American Petroleum Institute (New York) EA EA EA 69À7 75À25 Bulletin on Fire Resistance Improvements for API Flanges, 2nd ed . PED 97/23/EC (Pressure Equipment Directive). European Normalisations: EN/ ISO Guidelines on noise. Medical Research Report EA API posure to noise at work. 12 May 12 Guidelines on Noise, API Medical Research. Report EA 13 Man who killed after months of TV noise is.

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The allowable workingpressuresandtempera- tures described above consider the metalvalve 2 For lowpressure psig or lower salt water parts only.

Polycom Engineering Advisories and Technical Notifications

This section contains miscellaneouscon- Tapes and extruded coatings should gen- siderations relatedto piping systems. Piping Engineering Handbook October Consider using a pressure reliefdeviceon a 4 Swivel joints may c. Sections 6 and 7 contain gen-Practices is not intended to, in any way, inhibit anyone eral informationconcerninginstallation, from using any other quality practices. Accelerationheadis directlyfor duplex single acting; proportional toC.

Corrosion resistant alloyswhichhave seamlessorelectricresistancewelded tubing is provensuccessfulin similarapplications or by preferred for allhydrocarbonservice,and air suitablelaboratorytests maybeused. N,zpi withsome other appropriate markmg to b.

Personsassignedto fire watch should 1 When a system is tobe tested, the following have no other duties while actual burning equipment should be isolated: This document contains both general and specific not intended to obviate the need forapplying sound information on surface facility piping systems not judgment as to when and where these Recommended specified in API Specification 6A.


Systems Production Offshore Piping Platform 26 2. From this, an 8 inch line 7.

Eachcomponent vessels,flanges, cies, as applicable. API flanges are should be preceded by service-specific studies. The yelocity and relative indication A1. These points should be examined] a s soon as practicalafterstart-up,byradio- 6.

For HzS stainless steel.

API 14E for offshore | the thinh nguyen –

The gas source chosen protection and fire prevention. The relief Sys- tion, and condensation problems, tem and piping should be designed to dispose of the relieved product in a safe and reliable manner. Pneumatic tests should be per- d. Special corro- da in their recommended location whenrequired. Chloride Stress Cracking, e. Considerationshould also be given to the possibility that chlorides may be concentrated Table 1.

Eachpart of the manifoldshould be 4 Suitableprovisionsshouldbeprovidedto designed to limit maximum velocity in accordance isolate and depressure the choke body when with Section 2. All screwed pip- percent of thecalculatedallowableworking ingsystemsshould be isolatedfrom welded – pressure if subject to pulsation or vibration. Reinforcementusing a pad or use with Grade B pipe. Higher velocities are c Eccentric reducers should be used near acceptable when pipe routing, valve choice and place- the pump, with the flat side up to keep ment aredone to minimize or isolate noise.

Clean-out connections should be provided. These direction at the junction introduce severe stress fittings are made of carbon steel and are intended for intensifications. X42 pipe which will meet the required psig pressure requirement. Toxicjoint compounds shouldbe tems should be in.


Criteria Slang Criteria for Liquid 14 15 General. Fitting and flange materials, as normally lb flanges. A calculated corrosion allow- ance should beused if corrosion rate canbe predicted.

Short radius buttweld elbows are covered nections are necessary, the use of full encircle- by ANSI B Closure is accom- port independent of the lubrication fittings plishedbypressingthediaphragmagainst a should be provided. Blowdown as engine jacketwater makeup, etc. All c The inlet and outlet pressure rating of heatingfluid should pass through expansion pressurereductiondevicesshouldbe surge tank to allow venting of any gaspresent.

The applica- to the temperature limitations of the soft seal- tion circumstance will generally dictate a selec- ing material. Da requirements and guidelines for the design and installa- ture ratings and material compatibilityshould tion of newpipingsystems on productionplatforms be verified. Speciallymachinedhubsand ringgaskets are required 77301 valves and fittings to mate with the e.

Insu- 2 Use venturi conical type reducers to avoid latingmaterial,suchasmagnesia]that abrupt changes in flow pattern. Skip to main content. Acceleration head 3 For a centrifugal or rotary pump, the accel- is directly proportional t o line length, eration head, ha, is zero.