Das Armeebuch Waldelfen 6. Edition ist am 3. August erschienen – über 5 Jahre nach der Einführung der 6. Regeledition. August erscheint das neue Armeebuch Waldelfen. Mit ihm beginnt eine neue Ära für alle Spieler dieses zurückgezogenen Volkes, denn es. Waldelfen Armeebuch – Wood Elves / 8. Warhammer Fantasy Armeebuch Orks und Goblins 8. Warhammer Skaven, -Armeebuch -, Games Workshop.

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But can only be used by characters on foot. It makes the unit its cast armeebuuch cause fear. Sword staffs work pretty much as reported, working as spears and 2 hand weapons.

The horn of the asrai. The banner of zenith – enemies can’t march with 12 inch of this unit, instead of saldelfen normal 8. On that not at conflict midlands today. Notes – Not bad at all. All in all, an interesting and tactical list.

Minimum unit size One use, bound spell, level 3 Choose any model on the board, they make a LD test. Anstatt die Treekin empfehle ich den Baumenschen. Command upgrades are expensive just one of the max any unit pays.


Collector-Info: Games Workshop Books (All) – Warhammer Fantasy Battles – Games Workshop – Products

They can’t be hurt at all, by none magical abilities. Treewhack with strangling roots. Ok we can teach brettonian damsels to learn life and beasts magic, but we can’t teach or own level 1 and 2 mages to use it.

Notes – I prefer the close combat version. You get to scout. Taken from Lathain, meaning storm, wrath and gently falling rain that brings eternal sleep, and Kurnous.

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My 5th one I’ve picked up in the last 2 years of them. Whilst I’m sure new tactics will amerge, and we ain’t quiet as bad as the other elven armies you should here the local high elf players complainthey really ain’t going to be up there with brets, skaven and lizzies. If they fail they take D3 wounds. Best way to look at it would be tribes, I think, best known for a certain ability or talent rather than everyone being exactly the same.

But his working out has left him a little slower -1M and less able -2LD. Calaingor’s Stave, costs same as a scroll.


Notes – Very nice, cheap protection. They get the elf demon rules and cause fear. Merciw’s Locus – price is an old dryad.

As for the Fay Enchantress, it suggests that after Gilles’ son formalised the truce, an Asrai stayed behind in Brettonia, so this could be her, but it doesn’t specifically say. Notes – compaired to staff of change its pants.

The attacks count as magical and posined. Another great piece of sense from games workshop.

Stillman, Nigel

Instead they get the same as camelone skinks, but cost over double them, the also get the -1 to hit with missile weapons. The old killers have gone, but still can be useful at a decent point cost. Notes – Give to any combat character with a great weapon. Notes armeebuchh pretty pointless really. Taken from Cadaith, meaning grace, power and music of the stars.