‘Slota by rád oprášil Benešove dekréty’ [Slota Would Like to Renew Beneš Decrees]. March Vašečka, Michal. ‘Vzťah majoritnej populácie k Rómom’. Keď Benešove dekréty vytvorili možnosť presťahovať sa do Československa, bol Pitvaroš spomedzi slovenských obcí v Maďarsku prvý, ktorý sa v roku Citation Styles for “Slovensko a Benešove dekréty”. APA (6th ed.) Beňa, J. () . Slovensko a Benešove dekréty. Bratislava: Belimex.

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Beneš decrees

Redress of war and occupation Restitution Retribution. Invalidation of any property transfers that took place after 29 September under duress of occupation or as a consequence of national, racial or political persecution, and return of property to original owners.

Where Germany, Hungary, or German or Hungarian corporations had obtained ownership by inscribing dekret the public registry anything that had previously belonged to Czechoslovakia, Czech lands or corporations owned or administered by them, the original inscription was to be reinstated.

Dobavljeno iz ” https: Februaryrepublished in the collection as Act No. The Czech judiciary thus provides protection extending beyond the standards of the Convention. Nacionalizacija je provedena Fond je ukinut. Stupanje na snagu 6.

Distribution of land which had not previously been distributed under Act No. The hostility presumption was irrebuttable in case of entities in the Art.


Pitvaroš – Wikipédia

Izmjene i dopune Zakona br. Under article three of the decree, those who lost their citizenship could request its restoration within six months of the decree’s promulgation and requests would be assessed by the Interior Ministry. Taking this into consideration, the Decree No.

Many current members of the E. Imenski prostori Stranica Razgovor.

The decrees’ validity was subject to later ratification by the National Assembly. Administrative punishment for “improper behavior offending sekrety national feelings of Czech or Slovak people leading to public indignation” in the time from 21 May to the end of up to one year imprisonment, fine.

The East European gypsies: Loss of Czechoslovak citizenship was addressed in Decree 33 see description above. The decrees dealt with various aspects of the restoration of Czechoslovakia and its legal system, denazificationand reconstruction of the country.

In the contradiction to this, the Constitutional requirement of the democratic character of the Czechoslovak deirety as defined in the Constitution may be a concept of behesove science and only hardly defined in legal termshowever, that does not mean that it is metajuridical and that it is not legally binding.

Citation Styles for “Slovensko a Benešove dekréty”

Na plenarnoj sjednici od 8. Czechoslovak citizens of German or Hungarian ethnicity who had gained German or Hungarian nationality, dekretty Czechoslovak the same day, others lost Czechoslovak nationality on the day of promulgation of the Act.


The president’s power to enact decrees as proposed by the government remained in force until 27 Octoberwhen the Interim National Assembly convened.

They belong to the past and should stay in the past. The Czech Republicin which the applicant was refused restitution of property nationalized under Decree nationalization of large enterprises. Dekret predsjednika o specijalnim, prisilnim radnim jedinicama. The Ministry of Interior was bound to restore applicant’s citizenship unless it could determine dekrefy applicant had breached their “duties of Czechoslovak citizen”.

Retrieved April 26, German Nazi extermination of many Czechoslovak judges and their ban on studying law for Czech during the time of war led to need for longer service by remaining judges.

Concerns especially soldiers fighting with Czechoslovak army units abroad or partisans. Many ethnic German anti-fascists emigrated under an agreement drawn up by Alois Ullmann. Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic. Decrees concerning redress for war and occupation Czechoslovak foreign army, post-war reconstruction, punishment of criminals, etc.

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Although decrees were not covered by the constitution, they were considered necessary by the Czechoslovak wartime and postwar authorities.