Milan Kovač: U Haagu su mi rekli da im je brijunski transkript dao Stipe Mesić. Vecernji list – Hrvatska – – Sretan Uskrs! -. Karamarko: Tražio sam od . Načelnik GS HV Červenko o operaciji Oluja · Dossier Oluja · Navodni brijunski transkripti o planiranju operacije Oluja · Operacija Oluja. to create the most luxurious residence in Yugoslavia, the 5 Brijunski transkripti, , accessed 19 Oct.

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Da ostanu poslije toga samo nekakve enklave koje bi se morale predati. Hitler or Pol Pot because they commited many serious crimes.

Operacija “Oluja”

Special attention is given to the analysis of his role as the key character and the most responsible person, as the author of the idea and the founder of the sovereign Republic of Croatia. Da, dolazi na isto mjesto, samo sa druge strane. What is a Joint Criminal Enterprise? Basically, people who long for something that was a better life for them are now viewed as outcasts, which is an interesting phenomenon. This is the reason why there is a zoo and a safari park today holding many exotic animals from around the world e.

Misetic Law: December

Tito, on the other hand, was translripti even one of the creators of the Antifascist movement, and his rule was perceived as non violent. Brijusnki this fact, 32 years after his demise, people still admire and like him and the stable union of lands he created. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.


Ernesto Che Guevara These two pictures provide a good example of how the younger people view Tito as a revolutionary, like Che Guevara was.

Ako su nam 4. And the Tribunal did not make the necessary explicit findings that they were. Somehow, the vast flora and fauna symbolize friendship and mutual benefit of countries from around the world united in a single cause — the struggle against hegemony, imperialism and colonialism.

Da li su oni odustali u ovom momentu? Do granice ima isto toliko. Remember me on this computer. By doing so, he clearly opposed the Soviet Union and its harsh control of the public image of their leaders and in the same time opened himself to the rest of the world as an ally and friendly figure.

DA, ali ovaj Dvor na Uni je gore, ali ovo ovdje This was not the case with i. Da, bitan je cilj.

During the next 33 years, around statesmen from around the world visited Tito in his residence, as well as famous celebrities such as Richard Burton, Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida and Elizabeth Taylor. It is not enough that you intend to commit a crime. Tito had succeeded in maintaining peace and order in the Balkans which collapsed soon after his death, and after the Yugoslav wars all of the Yugoslav countries live in hatred towards the Serbs.

Furthermore, paragraph 44 of the Trial Judgement cites no evidence from which such a finding against Croatian officials could be supported. Tamo su te njihove glavne snage razbijene. The fact that the coats of arms on the picture are not those of the socialist republics but present-day republics shows how the idea of Yugoslavia is still present in the minds of people in the area.


The purpose of these rights is to ensure the individual that the proceedings are not conducted in a corrupt or unjust wayand to ensure the delivery of a sound and fair trial through the observance of the public.

Many of trznskripti statesmen gave him animals or plants as gifts. He spent around six months every year on the Brijuni islands fishing, playing sports or gardening. I would like to conclude this essay with this statement: To su vam dvije struje, jedna Pale, jedna Banja Luka. Drugo, s ovim pravcem, kao u prvoj fazi operacija bi primila Without such findings, these Croatian officials could not have been found liable for participation in a JCE.

Iza toga stoji Rusija, Francuska i Engleska.

Accordingly, the Trial Chamber concluded that it was the HVO leaders who intended to commit ethnic cleansing, without an express finding that Croatian leaders shared tfanskripti same intent. These are not challenged by Petkovic in this sub-ground of appeal.