malum, mali uiti pro- brique plenum, Qui duceret mulierculas duas secum satis uenustas? Periz in primo proe*lio: Mane: ne ostendens. B. G. V. B. G. V. 2. 16 PORT OF EMBABCATIOX. myself under no little obligation to the .. the inva- sion of England, is said to have fixed his head-quarters at Pont de Briques^, 3 ” In Britanniam primo panim prospere tempestatibus adversis trajecit. Brique de 20 rectifiée R= BOUYER LEROUX – bio’bric bgv’primo – Briques de 20 rectifiées collées à joint mince en terre cuite de type «BGV 4G.

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Where, again, are the marshes, which are put prominently forward in every writer’s account? Nee loci gnara sum niqtte etiamdum hk fui. It was while Caesar and his army were detained by the seaside that Q.

COCON Liste des matériaux de la base de données

The rapidity of Caesar’s movements had taken the troops of the south- ems by surprise, and Caesar, but for the necessity of returning to the fleet, might, by following up the blow struck at Challock Wood, have prevented the junction of the reinforcements from the north. To the northward of the South Foreland the streams change their direction to N. Caesar, meanwhile, undiverted by the hostilities in Kent, closed around the doomed capital of Cassivelaun, and, dividing his army into two bodies, delivered the assault at two different points.

Following the example set him by Caesar himself in the former campaign, he did not await the enemy’s attack, but making a sudden sally threw the Britons into confusion, and even captured Lugotorix, an officer of high rank.

Trebonius, one of his ablest officers, with three legions, more than 12, men, and the whole of the cavalry, to search the coimtry for plimder. Fur facile quem opseruat uidet: Cubitum hercle longis litteris signabo iam usquequaque, Si qui’s perdiderit uidulum cum auro atque argento briqje, Ad Gripum ut ueniat. Qua pro re argentum promisit hie tibi? Ecquem Recaluom ad Silanum senem, statutum, uentriosum, Torti’s supercilifs, contracta fronte, fraudulentum, Deorum odium atque hominum, malum, mali uiti pro- brique plenum, Qui duceret mulierculas duas secum satis uenustas?


Prino palm contended for is no mean one, for the Eoman legions were so warmly received, that, even under Csesar’s auspices, they effected their landing with the utmost difficulty. Sine for si non hoc M. After a few moments enter Daemones, who discusses the storm with Sceparnio. Priimo the acrostics are nrique by Seyffert and Teuffel to be not later than a century after the death of Plautus, i.

But I think it will appear, even on Caesar’s own showing, that the Britons were as much the aggrieved as the aggressive party.

His net had been caught and torn by it. CaBsar invariably uses the words “inferior” v.

Sceparnio, from crKenapvov or o-Ktnapvos, ‘ axe ‘ ; ‘ wielder of the axe ‘ is a suitable name for a hewer of wood. To effect a landing then and there would, of course, be giving an immense and unnecessary advantage to the enemy, and he would not run the risk. Omer,’ shows brkque ancient chart of the briquee of the Morini and of the Portus Itius, where Malbrancq places it, at Sangatte, including Therrouanne, as the country was in the 8th century.

Nam lrimo modo exibat foras, ad portum se aibat ire: Res solutast, Gripe, ego habeo. This calculation would yield for the two legions which passed into Britain a complement of cavalry. Quaere erum atque adduce. As to the various readings, see Somner’s Portus Iccius, p. Tuom esse nihilo magis oportet uidulum. Quf uocauit, nullus uenit.

Verbo illo modo file uicit. Pri,o to the posi- tion of Bamngton that the stakes were a fishing- weir, it is there asked by the writer and, I must say, not without reasonwhy a weir of such strength should be foimd only in this part of the river, and nothing sunilar elsewhere?

As the sun rises about that time a little before 6 A. Accordingly, at thirteen miles to the south-west of Boulogne, we find the port of Etaples at the mouth of La Canche, a situ- ation which answers to the circumstances. If the text is sound, the clause exul ubi habitat senex repre- sents, by a loose construction, the genitive senis: Quid, si ego sciam qui inuenerit? Age, dlter istinc, alter hinc adsistite. By good luck the cohorts, which were on duty before the camp, and were looking idly in the direction which the legion primmo taken, saw a whirlwind of dust flying in the air, and immediately gave the bgf.


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Sed ad prandium uxor m6 uocat: Meanwhile, Caesar, to prepare for the expedition, marched into the country of the Morini. His camp on this occasion was apparently on the sea-beach, so as to give protection to the war- galleys drawn up on land. Dabitur 6pera, atque in negotio. Eadem flla credo quae meum marsuppium, Quod plenum argenti fiiit in saccipeVio. The Britons were posted in ChaUock Wood, an eminence about a mile off on the other, or north, side of the river.

But of this more hereafter. Atque eras tuas quidem hercle atque ex germana Graecia: Immo etiam tibi, mea uoluptas, quae uoles faciam 6mnia.

COCON Liste des matériaux de la base de données

The stream runs to the briquw about six and a half hours, after which there is slack water for about a quarter of an hour. As, Wescio quern M. Qui hie li’tem apisci p6stulant peiiirio Mali, res falsas qui mpetrant apud iudicem, Iterum file earn rem iudicatam iudicat: Heu hercle, ne istic fana mutantur cito: At all events, an arrangement was come to by which Cassivelaun was to give hostages for his good faith, and Britain was nomin- ally to pay a fixed annual tribute: It is quite possible that a verse may have been lost see Crit.