The material contained in this book was originally published as a set of serial lessons. They are part of the lessons written by C. C.. Zain and published. The Sacred Tarot has 19 ratings and 2 reviews. Astral said: This book is a very in depth look into understanding the Tarot. While C.C. Zain does cover ma. Book 06 the Sacred Tarot Cc Zain – Ebook download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online.

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And the beings chained at the feet of this master of chaos also have goat heads, indicating that their intelligence has been used exclusively to further material and selfish ambitions. The vase is symbol of the affections, and zin crowned eagles represent force spiritualized. The harp has three strings, signifying harmony of body, intellect and emotions. The coins dropping upon the earth signify wasted effort and the ebbing of the life forces.

Zain,the founder of The Church of Light. The Sacred Tarot by C. Scred are racketeers and gangsters of both planes; and the ensemble, taken as a whole, indicates both the bondage and the fate of those who follow the inversive path and become dominated by the spirit of selfishness. Arcanum XI is figured by the image of a young girl who opens and closes without effort, with her hands, the jaws of an angry lion. The genie is crowned with flame to indicate that it is a spirit; and its feet are winged to signify its rapid movements.

All the 78 cards have now been redrawn using computer technologies. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Even if you don’t agree with the correspondences there is still much to gain from this book. Lea rated it really liked it Aug 12, The symbol of Mercury Hermes upon the bosom of the Virgin, signifies that matter is fecundated by spirit in order tafot evolve mind, or fc.


To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The maiden wears a crown surmounted by a vase and crowned eagles, and at her brow the sacred serpent. Justice, emanating from God, as symbolized by the overshadowing protection, is the equilibrium between right and duty.

The genie is crowned with a flame to show he is a spirit; and is represented in an aureole of twelve rays to indicate that justice will be meted out in due time to all as the sun passes through the zodiacal signs. The white sphinx signifies fortunate periods, and the black one signifies periods of adversity; both of which serve the soul victorious over the ordeals met in its pilgrimage of eternal progression.

Hmirandap is currently reading it Nov 15, Above is an eclipse of the Sun.

The Sacred Tarot : The Ancient Art of Card Reading and the Underlying Spiritual Science

Theoracleslibrary rated it it was amazing Dec 17, The cat, pictured on the side of the stone, indicates that the vision of the soul penetrates the illusions of matter. Theresa Cizanne is currently reading it Feb 07, The square is the emblem of matter, the circle indicates the realm of spirit, and the triangle is the emblem of mind; together denoting the perpetual dominion of intelligence over all realms and forces of nature.

Above is a wreath of twelve flowers, each flower having three blossoms. Brandon rated it it was amazing May 14, This symbolic ensemble personifies occult science, which awaits the initiate at the threshold of the sanctuary ssacred Isis in order to tell him the secrets of universal nature.

The Tarot of C. C. Zain

Arcanum XIV is figured by the genie of the sun holding a golden urn and sacfed silver urn, and pouring from one to the other the conducting fluid of life. She thus personifies virtue. Emily Auger rated it liked it Mar 09, About them a circle of 20 flowers springs from the earth.

It is the sign of a violent death, coming unexpectedly by accident, or in the expiation of a crime, or accepted voluntarily through heroic devotion to truth and justice.


The other pyramid is white, symbolizing a life enlightened by science and spiritual wisdom. From mineral up to man there are seven degrees of mundane life, the seventh, or last stage of incarnation, being that of man.

From his brow the sacred serpent thrusts its head; and at his feet kneel two men, one dressed in red and the other dressed in black. The horn on his nose signifies stubborn rebellion. No trivia or quizzes yet. Vilma Maria rated it it was amazing Oct 09, The four columns supporting the canopy represent the four quadrants of heaven which surround the conqueror.

After one incarnation of man, and thus gaining self-consciousness, the soul continues its progress in higher-than-physical spheres. Julia Flamini added it Apr 11, Upon this chariot advances a conqueror armed with a cuirass and carrying both sword and scepter. He is represented standing; it is the attitude of will which precedes action.

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The Sacred Tarot

Want to Read saving…. The T-square, or Tau, symbolizes virile force, and the two try-squares indicate the rectitude of judgment that enables the conqueror to xc this force either to right or left, into mental or physical power as occasion demands. In the other hand this creature holds the torch of destruction, whose blaze has been applied to the ruins of the temple.

Jesse Lusignan added it Jun 21, Near the girl is a flower of three blossoms, and above the upper one a butterfly opens its wings. Above is a radiant Sun of 21 rays, in the center of which is the symbol of conjugal union.