The material contained in this book was originally published as a set of serial lessons. They are part of the lessons written by C. C.. Zain and published. The Sacred Tarot has 19 ratings and 2 reviews. Astral said: This book is a very in depth look into understanding the Tarot. While C.C. Zain does cover ma. Book 06 the Sacred Tarot Cc Zain – Ebook download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online.

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And the cube upon which she sits represents the cross of matter, where rays of sun and moon meet, and so signifies the union of male and female forces. It should be noted that the Church of Light correspondences vary greatly zaain other schools of thought.

Justice is crowned with lances to indicate inflexibility, adorned with the sacred serpent to signify she acts with enlightenment, and her throne is placed on a platform or three steps to represent her action in all three worlds.

Vilma Maria rated it it was amazing Oct 09, In her right hand she carries a scepter surmounted by zai globe. He is seated upon a cubic stone; his right hand raises a scepter surmounted by a circle, and his right leg bent, rests upon the other, forming with it a cross.

The genie is crowned with a flame to show he is a spirit; and is represented in an aureole of twelve rays to indicate that justice will be meted out in due time to all as the sun passes through the zodiacal signs.

The left hand of the hierophant on the triple tau indicates his receptivity to the divine force; and the gesture of tart right hand–making sacre pentagram– indicates his use of this divine energy to command the obedience of all sub-mundane atoms of life, and to hear the voice of heaven in the silence of the passions and the instincts of the flesh. The crocodile indicates the ultimate fate of all who are blind to spiritual things, and also the persecution of those who work to spread the true facts of spirituality.

Ruth Zzain marked it as to-read Jun 25, Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The serpents signify that the law of all action is that of sex.


The twelve cut branches indicate the destruction of the twelve houses of the horoscope, signifying the extinction of life.

This malignant entity has the head of a crocodile, symbol of cruelty. There tarrot no discussion topics on this book yet.

Abby marked it as to-read Feb 15, Above and back of this group the genie of justice, hovering in a flashing aureole of twelve rays, draws his bow and directs toward vice the arrow of punishment. At the back is a divine tafot, signifying sacrec the justice of God will be the final judge of the justice of men.

Return to Book Page. Above is a radiant Sun of 21 rays, in the center of which is the symbol of conjugal union.

The good and the bad, the ignorant and the learned, symbolized by the pyramids, are gathered there at the edge of the road into the beyond. Nathan rated sacredd it was amazing Sep 04, Sacrev rated it it was amazing Dec 17, A crowned and uncrowned man are precipitated from a platform built of seven stages, falling down with the rest of the debris. Sooner or later they become slaves of the very taot they have used, and are finally completely destroyed in body and mind; and even after passing to the next life, are chained by their evil deeds in the underworld.

This symbolic ensemble personifies occult science, which awaits the initiate at the threshold of the sanctuary of Isis in order to tell him the secrets of universal nature.

The Sacred Tarot by C.C. Zain

Christian McKay added it Mar 23, His looks are fixed upon the ground; his arms are crossed upon his chest. Zain does cover many aspects of the tarot, the bulk of the book is aimed towards the spiritual side of the cards and their many correspondences Kabalah, Masonry, astrology, biblical references, etc.

Gold signifies light, and the circle expresses the universal circumference in which gravitate all created things. A T-square and two try-squares are traced upon the cuirass. The lion symbolizes force, also the animal desires in man which are subdued by the spiritual nature. This is the ancient symbol of justice, which weighs all acts and opposes to evil as a counterweight the sword of expiation. Arcanum II is figured by a woman seated at the threshold of the Temple of Isis.


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Thanks for telling us about the problem. She wears a crown of lance-heads, holds zaih her right hand a raised sword, in her left hand a balance, and from her brow the sacred serpent thrusts its head. Arcanum IV is figured by a man; on his head a sovereign’s helmet.

The Sacred Tarot

The four columns supporting the canopy represent the ccc quadrants of heaven which surround the conqueror. Strength depends upon harmony, and the music of their souls sounding across the spaces endows both with a hitherto unknown power to overcome obstacles, to gain the blossoms of experience on all three planes, as signified by the three flowers related to each of the 12 zodiacal signs. Decker and Dummett in A History of the Sscred Tarot report that Zain’s lessons 22 through 33, forming a study course on the Tarot, were originally issued in as separate papers.

But zaun rainbow promises a new life of thought, effort and knowledge in a superior realm. The ruler is in possession of the scepter of Isis, indicating that he has knowledge of the spiritual use of the creative energies; and he points downward with his left hand to indicate that he uses these energies in the subjugation of the physical.

The Sacred Tarot : The Ancient Art of Card Reading and the Underlying Spiritual Science

This sage personifies experience gained in the journey of life. The sacred serpent signifies that she acts in full knowledge of her power, and not blindly.

The 20 flowers signify the potency of domestic harmony to Awaken and Resurrect the spiritual flora of the soul. He leans on a black staff and walks toward a fallen obelisk behind which a crocodile with open mouth awaits to devour him. In the early s in the Church’s Quarterly a new set of Tarot images was published, where the majors and courts were redrawn under Zain’s direction by Gloria Beresford.

The harp has three strings, signifying harmony of body, intellect and emotions.