Difference between Epigeal and Hypogeal Seed Germination. The term germination designates the overall processes beginning with the imbibition of water by. The main difference between epigeal and hypogeal germination is that in epigeal germination, the cotyledons emerge out of the soil during. Hope you already know that what is cotyledon and how seeds germinate. Epigeal; In this type of germination, the seed /cotyledons emerge out of the soil or .

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The plumule soon forms the aerial shoot. Plants that show epigeal germination grow relatively fast, especially in the first phase when the leaflets unfold.

During germination the lower end of the embryo forms the cotyledon which begins to grow as a spongy structure inside the endosperm. As a result it breaks its connection with the fruit and falls down in the salt rich muddy water in such a position that the plumule remains outside the saltish water while the tip of the radicle gets fixed in the mud.

Duke introduced the terms cryptocotylar and phanerocotylar as synonyms for hypogeal and epigeal respectively, because he didn’t consider these terms etymologically correct. Details of wheat grain germination Fig.

Difference Between Epigeal and Hypogeal Germination

The relative position of the cotyledons is determined by the length of the hypocotyl. In some other plants like bean, the cotyledons being thick, do not become leaf-like; they shrival and fall off after their food reserves are consumed by the seedling.


The plumule pierces the fibrous pericarp and emerges like a horn. No photosynthesis takes place within the cotyledon.

Therefore they can be found more often in hypkgeal field, at the border epigfal forests, or as pioneer species. The ecology of tropical forest tree seedlingspp. Begoon — This file was derived from: Because the cotyledon is positioned above the ground it is much more vulnerable to damage like night-frost [2] or grazing.

Prominent Cotyledons in Castor.

Epigeal germination – Wikipedia

In epigeal germination, the energy comes from the cotyledons, while, in hypogeal germination, the energy comes from the endosperm. In such plants seed dormancy is absent.

Inbotanist James A. This develops the aerial shoot even before the roots have come in contact with the soil. Differences between Epigeal and Hypogeal Germination Plants. The radicle fails to develop any further but several adventitious roots grow from the base of the plumule. The seed imbibes water and swells. This spongy cotyledon increases in size as it absorbs food germijation stored in the endosperm.

The hypocotyl part of the stem below the cotyledon elongates while the epicotyl part of the stem above the cotyledon stays the same length. Epigeal germination implies that the cotyledons are pushed above ground.

In areas that are regularly flooded, they need more time between floodings to develop. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Germination begins with the imbibition of water into the seed, hypogael in turn increases the metabolism and cell division inside the seed, leading to the enlargement of the embryo. In castor, cotton, papay, onion Figs.


Differences between Florigen and Other Hormones. The second leaves derived from the plumule become true leaves. Next, the hypocotyl grows so quickly that it forms a loop which comes out of the soil and pulls out the rest of the seed.

In this way, the hypocotyl pushes the cotyledon upward. The ecology of tropical forest tree seedlingspp. It is possible that within the same genus one species shows hypogeal germination while another species shows germinatlon germination. An example of a plant with hypogeal germination is the pea Pisum sativum. In mangrove plants e.

Epigeal germination

After sometime coleoptile comes out. Articles containing Ancient Greek-language text Wikipedia articles needing clarification from August The germinatiom also need less sunlight, so they can be found more often in the middle of forests, where there is much competition to reach the sunlight. Retrieved from ” https: In this way, the epicotyl pushes the plumule above the ground. The cotyledons become green and leaf-like, while the plumule slowly develops into leafy shoot. The base of the cotyledon grows further, turns green and pushes the seed out of the soil.

Germinatkon is the phenomenon of giving birth to young ones in advanced stage of development. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Answer Now and help others.