Chilling Look at the Worldwide, Multi Billion dollar Conspiracy of lies that is Amway and its Motivational Organizations [Eric Scheibeler] on Eric Scheibeler, a former high level distributor for Amway, details his experience with the push to attend company events, in his book Merchants of Deception. I just finished Merchants of Deception and I’m wondering if anyone knows how the author is doing now? How his lawsuits ended, stc.?.

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I am now four years into my ordeal with Glenn Hauman, a person whom I have never met and many years more with Pringle.

Eric Scheibeler | Doug Wead The Blog

In the meantime, we will have to accept what our mothers told xcheibeler in grade school. There are so many people that are scammed and lose their entire life savings and family over MLM. He had to stand by, watching helplessly, as his reputation and his life slipped away from him through no action of his own.

We had already left Amway by then but the book was still a shock to me and it answered many questions I had when we were in Amway.

Thanks to the political clout that Amway and Quixtar have had over the United States legislative, judicial, and executive branches of the government, this destructive cult still rends the American dream from licit families to this day.

Yes, it requires a LOT of hard work, but we were persistently told that all we had to do was give our upline hours a week to build a successful business.


They refer to people who point out their inadequacies as “Dream Stealers” and push their downlines to not shceibeler with people like that – even family. But a WWDBer might be able scheibfler answer.

My own exposure to Amway was through a lovely old friend who got completely wrapped up in it, and I ended up promising him to join, on the condition that I would remain in observer mode for six months, and I did. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

This is very interesting,if a starting ibo needs about to people to recruit underneath them,that means that those same people needs about to two million two hundred fifty thousand to four million people people underneath.

Eric Scheibeler: A Merchant of Deception | The Truth About Amway

Of course, but they certainly do a lot more than that. Well, it kinda makes ya wonder. I would also think the increasing amount of training available direct from Amway would be a far greater indicator of changes at Amway than whatever one group within Amway is doing.

You can get a free copy of this book at http: I came across this self-published manuscript when I started researching multi-level marketing MLM companies, as a result of someone I know trying to recruit me into a incarnation of the scam. Very interesting and true account!

Other studies including doing it myself! One of them was once homeless and now a millionaire. Then there were the books—”Think and Grow Rich”, etc.


Care to tell me why that is? View all 5 comments. Taking double the amount of the competitor will get much the same effect, and be cheaper. Critics, get over your Amway of the past.

Hmmm, that sounds interesting. If you were in the Yeager group it was one thing, and the Britt group it was another. My wife and I joined Amway Australia in I am not an Amway Distributor, I run my own business network and follow the rules Amway Global gives us to abide by if we want to Network with them and their products.

The internet, like the playground in grade school, is full of bullies and if a teacher is not looking, they will hurt you for no other reason than that they can. Return to Book Page.

The company is structured so that the people above the person who recruited or signed up the new distributor, the people above them, ad infinitum get a percentage of whatever the distributor sells.

Or are you exhausted everyday, trying to chase after a dream?

Eric Scheibeler: A Merchant of Deception

Still by the products. Quixtar is a nightmare-builder and I am a victim in my country Venezuela. If so, Glenn Hauman is wasting his hatred.