Hello May I request some help please. I am trying to fill in the ESA 50 interactive PDF form. However the print justs get smaller and smaller the. Employment Support Allowance Completing the ESA 50 form. return of ESA 50 will attend a medical with a healthcare professional to be assessed for ESA • Decision made on claim; 4. Gamification for Interactive Learning. Subject: Freedom of Information request – ESA50 Editable. Dear Department for Work and Pensions, For some people, filling in forms is a simple task of using a.

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When someone ticks the box to say that their ability varies, they are stating that they CAN NOT carry out interactiev task reliably, repeatably, etc. You can also add any additional information you want to tell the DWP about. Now I just have to hope the universe wouldn’t be cruel enough to take away with one hand IB what it just gave with the other DLA. You do not need to score points under each question and they may not all apply to you.

Capability for work questionnaire

After months of talking to the DWP at least 5 times a week. If you can keep a diary of symptoms do. I recently supported a relative at an ESA tribunal and they won because the judge and doctor applied rule 29 2 b mentioned by gherkingirl http: And I have already had a brown envelope drop on my eaa50 asking for information to see if I am entitled to Income Support Sean Cunningham 7 December at There’s a lot more – the guides run to 70 pages or so.

I am trying to get used to the new situation I am in and not having anyone close in my life and I have all this going on Sickness benefits were always assessed and the same worry. Starting and finishing tasks.


So whilst esa0 worried out of your mind about the wretched form, you have to make maximally tactful approaches to specialists who don’t want to listen to you before your next scheduled appointment. Login Form Close Username. Anonymous 25 July at Try High hinduspiritualtemple gmail.

Posted by Sue Marsh at They’re also using it as a general measure of how you could niteractive something of about that weight. A full history of my FOI request and all correspondence is available on the Internet at this address: Explore the topic Carers and disability benefits Jobseeker’s Allowance and low income benefits Welfare reform Work and disabled people. I fear for the future of benefits in this country.

I contacted him via email and explained my problem to him. The point is not to threaten, as some people like to claim, but to make sure that Atos interactuve the DWP are aware of all potential circumstances well in advance; remember it’s a practical issue as no-one should be expected to handle their appeal while DUTMHA but that won’t stop Atos expecting them to.

Both of the questions include physical problems.

If there are lots at your doctor’s surgery, write the name of the person who understands your case the best. Write about this on Medium. For example, if you are diabetic and your sugar levels are too high or low you may still be conscious.

Remember this question is about the act of moving 50 metres, metres and metres both indoors and outdoors. Write to your politician. It’s VITAL that the form gets in on time, but you can submit extra evidence later – preferably not too much later. In the end I got top rate care by applying again and directing the report to be written by my neurologist and informed her secretary about my case and the importance of it, all caring and supportive.


This will help you tackle matters such as the “reliably, repeatedly and safely” issue. My name is Kay and I am 51years of age. Fighting for the right to be disabled and respected is. Wayne Clarke 22 September at Repeatability is key to this, according to IDS and others when pushed. If you have some problems with this, do not tick this box and look further into the question.

Diary of a Benefit Scrounger: My ESA50

You are asked about different methods of reaching. So they re-write the rules. Erm,,, yes or I’d never have another cup of tea again. As many as it takes to make you go away. Pretend that they are writing the rules, and you’ll see the mindset that was being lampooned – probably by someone in a desperate situation trying to deal with it by using black humour. The legal test includes damage to property or injury to other people, so if your awareness of hazards or danger could lead to this, you should also write this on the form.

Would a pint of another liquid do? You need to score a total of 15 points or more to be awarded ESA. WhatDoTheyKnow also publishes and archives requests and responses, building a massive archive of information. Contact your council to see if they have a welfare rights team, most do. Lucida 23 July at Donate and support our work. Even if your conditions do change, don’t rule out any of the options straight away.

Is benefitsandwork really worth joining? After reading all these,I decided to give it a try. The “Call for Evidence” can be found at: Link to this Report.