Existuje ale vynimka, to uz je odpoved na druhu vyzvu, netyka sa sice asocialov ako ty pises, ale exiostuje exekucny poriadok podla ktoreho. Dangerous Obsession book download Natasha Peters Download Dangerous Obsession Anna had done her best to forget Dan Since her foster. Krajco/Bajcura, O su«dnych exeku«toroch a exekucnej cinnosti — Exekucny «poriadok, Art., 82 f. Legal Framework in Slovakia. Guidelines on Credit Risk.

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Exekučný poriadok in English with contextual examples

Please enter the message. The essence of a claim of copyright infringement under US law, as Professor Menell explains, is an unauthorised reproduction or infringement of one or other of the exclusive rights granted to a copyright owner under US law.

Joltid says that it follows that the terms of the purchase agreement contractually required Skype Technologies to continue to infringe and indeed expand the infringement of Joltid’s copyright throughout the world. Linked Data More info about Linked Data. The third is a claim that the Skype Group has infringed copyright by distributing the software and derivative works based on the software.

Joltid claims that, in breach of the License Agreement, Skype Technologies had possessed, used, accessed, and modified the source code for the Global Index Software. Accordingly, in my judgment the claims against Skype Technologies made in the US proceedings fall within the scope of clause There is only one award per work, regardless of the number of infringements.

Skype has proved very successful: Accordingly the goal of a single forum cannot be achieved, whichever way I decide this application. Alternatively it says that Joltid has waived compliance with the strict terms of the License Agreement. Indeed, the more “neutral” the chosen forum was the less the importance the parties must have placed on the convenience of the forum for any particular dispute. Paragraph 2 b of the prayer for relief claims an injunction restraining Skype Technologies from misusing Joltid’s confidential information; and paragraph 2 d claims an injunction restraining Skype Technologies from making any further use of the Joltid Software, the GI Source Code or any versions or modifications of them that Skype may have developed.


Otherwise the exclusive jurisdiction clause would be deprived of its intended effect.


Mr Hollander says that this makes all the difference. All of these factors were eminently foreseeable when Skype Technologies and Joltid agreed the exclusive jurisdiction clause.

Accordingly, in my judgment the proposition that a court which has jurisdiction under the Judgments Poriadkk must exercise that jurisdiction does not entail the further proposition that it can let alone must prevent a court in another jurisdiction from considering its own jurisdiction to decide a dispute between the parties.

Whether a claim falls within an agreed jurisdiction clause is a question of interpretation of the clause in question. Joltid seeks declarations to the effect that the License Agreement was validly terminated on 12 Marchas well as injunctions and financial remedies.

The name field is required. Second, if I refuse the equitable remedy piriadok an injunction, Skype Technologies will have a remedy in damages. In those circumstances, I do not consider that the mechanism for which the draft order provides is unfair or oppressive in, in effect, requiring Joltid to come back to court for a variation of the order if there are particular proceedings which it asserts ought to be allowed to be commenced exekucn continued; or if there is a dispute about whether particular proceedings fall within the ambit of the exclusive jurisdiction clause.

The reason underpinning these considerations is the understandable desire of the English court to avoid parallel proceedings and the possibility of inconsistent decisions: Skype Technologies claims that in so far as the US proceedings make claims against it, the claim is a breach of clause One consideration, however, which continues to play an important part in the exercise of the discretion to enforce or not to enforce an exclusive jurisdiction clause by injunction is whether the outcome of the decision either way will enable all disputes between the parties to take place in the same forum.


Paci sa mi uvaha o tom, co robit, aby nas Exekucjy prestali povazovat za dedincanov. Paragraphs 53 to 62 deal with the sale of part of eBay’s shareholding in Skype to the Investors. As both Mr Hollander poraidok Mr Calver agreed, the grant of an anti-suit injunction is a discretionary remedy; and the court has a real discretion to exercise.

– Juraj Gyarfas: O zrážke lode s mólom a ďalšom víťazstve Community law nad common law

Following on from the last point, the parties must have contemplated that the persons who might be needed to give evidence relevant to a dispute might be resident anywhere in the world, and that the necessary documents might poriadlk located anywhere in the world.

The E-mail message field is required. Quite apart from anything else, Joltid has demanded poriwdok by jury, and it would be quite impossible to estimate what effect that had on the outcome of a trial. Such jurisdiction shall be exclusive unless the parties have agreed otherwise.

This software is fundamental to Skype’s business. Both types of clause represent the parties’ agreement about how disputes are to be resolved. The consent of the copyright owner such as through a licence may be raised as an affirmative defence that must be proved by the defendant. Rational businessmen would not envisage that their choice of jurisdiction would depend on who issued proceedings first, or whether an ingenious pleader could frame a cause of action without actually mentioning the License Agreement.

In principle I agree with this submission. The test for staying domestic proceedings and granting an anti-suit injunction are the same: In turn, Skype Technologies should be required to undertake to be bound as against Joltid by the final decision of exekucy English Courts poradok the UK poriadik for the purposes of the US proceedings.