“FUEL ENERGIZER” helps to reduce fuel consumption up to 30%. When fuel flows through powerful magnetic field created by Magnetizer inter molecular forces. Magnetizer Fuel Treatment Systems. Info Sheet: Fuel Treatment. FOR A QUOTE, EMAIL OR CALL US WITH DETAILS. Magnetizer Fuel Test Data. Dramatically reducing vehicle pollution while increasing fuel efficiency. The following pages.

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One possible exception is if two long magnets where arranged on opposite sides of the air intake line and the fuel line.

US20030209233A1 – Magnetic pre-treatment of air and fuel – Google Patents

FuelMagnetThingydoesreallywork Does having turbo really mean better fuel effiency? Posted 26 January – The power industry is faced with similar challenges and solutions are being developed where nitrogen is removed from the air in order to eliminate emissions of so-called NOX-gases, in addition attempts are made to store CO [] 2 in order to eliminate emissions of CO 2 to the atmosphere that contribute to the greenhouse effect. Alternatively stick two HDD magnets at opposite ends of the filter lah, cheap and good.

The prior art has suggested that it may be advantageous to let fuel pass some kind of magnetic field before combustion. magnetkzer

Fuel Magnet Thingy – does it really work? – Performance and Tuning –

Instead, fue is the mentioned arrangement of the magnets mabnetizer increases the effect of the magnetic field and also results in considerable fuel savings. The longer the bar, the higher the rank and points. Brudder, I always drool over your car when I drive pass it every morning The total contribution of the magnetic treatment of air is far greater than the contribution of the magnetic treatment of fuel, but the contribution of the magnetic treatment of fuel is wholly dependent on the magnet vuel of air, but not the other way around.


Regardless of what kind of magnetic element is used, it is important that the magnetic flux lines run predominantly perpendicularly to the axial direction of the air intake or fuel line in front of the poles, and in addition forms an alternating field.

In principle, any kind of element that produces a suitable magnet field may be used according to the present invention. This appears to be the reason why the prior art arrangements have failed to prove a reduction in fuel consumption.

Another way to check is to take used oil from a non-magnet treated car and do a test with the used oil in a clear bottle with magnets strapped to the bottle exterior. My office is also located there Your car looks familiar. Wonder if it fits Bosch oil filters.

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Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. The reason why the gasoline fuelled cars with an average engine size of two litres do not obtain the same reduction as diesel fuelled cars with the same engine size, is that gasoline fuelled engines normally run on higher rpms than diesel fuelled engines. Several functions may not work. The higher the points, the higher the rank.

I’ve forgotten my password. Jan 01 Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. In addition to this feature, at least two magnetic elements must be arranged next to each other while the orientation of the magnetic elements alternate. The air and fuel, including diesel fuel, are subject to the lines of force from opposite poles of permanent magnets mounted on the air and fuel inlet lines.


In the preferred embodiment of the present invention, three permanent magnets are used for the air intake, while it is found that two permanent magnets are sufficient for the fuel line. AFAIK, aluminium is extremely feebly magnetic when subjected to a magnetic field.

Magnrtizer technology has been further refined in order to optimise the relation between torque, output, wear, and fuel consumption.

Also tagged with these keywords: These aims are reached by means of a device characterized in magnstizer features given in the independent claim 1. Both are relatively easy to install but the oil filter magnet is for protection rather than performance.

I usually park at the multi-storey side. For the time being, the optimal and preferred configuration is as follows: HTML mode is enabled.

Exactly the same engine! An embodiment of this kind may provide for controllable magnetic fields that may prove advantageous, e.

Must catch up for kopi one day Best regards. A friend of mine tried this test where he collected used engine oil into mineral water bottle and strapped a pair of magnets onto the side of the bottle.