This tutorial is one easy tutorial that walks you through the basics of the program. Even if you have absolutely no idea of GIMP and design, you.

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The tutorial is not guided so there is no narrative or voiceover. Vectors paths are another key concept in GIMP.

Most speedpainting videos go so fast and usually rely on background music. These differences go beyond pure cosmetics. Also the GUI is very different so learning the interface will take some time.

The Basics Tutorial

Colors are key to any design and so is the skill how to mix them. Though this is at least partly subjective, it should give you a good progression. Use the plasma plugin to make this layer a little colorful: This tutorial is one easy tutorial gimpd walks you through the basics of the gimpe.

That means if you buy something we get a small commission at no extra cost to you learn more.

40+ Best Free GIMP Tutorials For Beginners (Drawing & Painting)

The basic idea of layers is easy to grasp but if you want to go a bit beyond it, this ebook is a great read.

You can paint over the text with a paint tool or simply drag a black color from the color selector and drop it over the image.

Some of the stuff in it is a little advanced, but if you need a solid intro to layers, this one is also OK. But with the right tutorials you can pick up GIMP in no time. Resources Digital Painting Disclosure: Of course, you can tutorual QuickMasks for much more than this.

An updated version of this tutorial can be found here: Now if you want something a little more complex check out this speedpaint video featuring Charmeleon, Bulbasaur, and Totodile.


It takes a lot of work to learn manga as a design style. The article is tutoriwl into sections — from rawest newbie through to more advanced users. For a more general approach to digital painting you might prefer a freeform tutorial on using GIMP for digital art. Painting your own creatures can be really fun, but it requires an understanding of the software first. After you get that, just follow the steps here and get animating.

Use the text tool to add some text. Photo retouching is another common task for GIMP tutoriao. It totals about 15 minutes with plenty of details tjtorial the interface, painting techniques, and how to pick up GIMP from scratch. The video totals about 32 minutes and it really does walk you through the entire process step-by-step.

The fictional character Nebula is the focus of this painting tutorial. Of course, there are few ginps to what you can accomplish with GIMP once you achieve mastery. Here are two tutorials about paths — one about Bezier selections and one about drawing shapes. The document lists all filters by group blur, enhance, distort, light and shadow, noise, gmips, artistic, etc. I know that not everyone wants to learn pixel art but I will say this tut is phenominal.

Even if you have absolutely no idea of GIMP and design, you should be gips to understand most of it. I highly recommend checking out this minute intro to GIMP. GIMP is a very popular graphic program, and gimpx not as popular as Photoshop, there are a good many designers who use it as their first choice. Great for anyone regardless of their artistic skill level so I recommend giving this a quick watch.

You may struggle at first but if you stick with it you can design some beautiful work on any OS with this program. A beautiful example of how much you can learn with the right resources. On this page, the first section of our ever growing? You can use the move tool to move the text where you like to have it. Now activate the text layer again. Learning GIMP can be intimidating at first.


40+ Best Free GIMP Tutorials For Beginners (Drawing & Painting)

You might be thinking that mixing colors is so easy there is no need to have a tutorial about but even experienced users will have what to learn from the tutorial.

You should now have one layer with black text on white background. Finally we come to this massive tutprial tutorial for all GIMP users. Layers and layer masks are also a core concept in GIMP. You can learn a lot from speedpainting videos and this one shows you how to design a character in GIMP start-to-finish.

Learn GIMP: From Greenhorn to Guru in 19 Lessons — SitePoint

Use the layer dialog menu to Anchor Layer, which will anchor the floating selection into the previous activated layer which is the mask of the plasma layer in our case. Alternatively have a look at this huge gallery of tutorials all on DeviantArt.

I think these tutorials not only teach you GIMP, but also give you a fantastic overview of exactly what it can do. Make sure you have the mask of the top layer selected and the layer is activated.

You will need the GAP module. If you want to do line art with GIMP then this tutorial is sure to please.