A new historical fantasy from Russ Whitfield, set in an ancient world much like our Gladiatrix was Russ’s first novel, published in by Myrmidon Books. Read “Gladiatrix” by Russell Whitfield with Rakuten Kobo. The Ancient Roman public’s hunger for gladiatorial combat has never been greater. The Emperor. Love, lust, rage, loss, suffering, revenge. Gladiatrix is more than just the bloody life of a gladiator. It follows the life of a slave – with all the hurts.

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Consigliato a pieni voti. Picking up from shortly after the end of the previous book Gladiatrix Roma Victrix seems a more complex work. However, at times it was stereotypical to the point of being annoying. Reading over the other reviews of this book, I noted that some felt that Lysandra showed no growth or development.

A wonderful tale indeed. My Shopping Bag 0 Item You have just added: May 27, Darcey rated it did not like it Shelves: On the surface, the novel is well paced, exciting, the clash of blades, the savagery and power of life in the Roman world on display and seen through the eyes of an outsider who is now the lowest of the low.

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The Gates of Troy. Sword of the Gladiatrix. The descriptions of the fighting are always detailed impossible to leave before their gory conclusions. But Lysandra’s Spartan pride also earns her powerful enemies: It had a good story, it had a catching plot and most of the characters were well defined and had a believable motivation.

I can handle the violence and language but I don’t like to read graphic stories on rape. Lysandra is back and she’s going to war! The little change has to do with her faith and she is no longer the priestess s So this was a hard book to stomach through, but I was determined to finish it. But I really liked it, glad my friend recommended it to me. Whitfield pulls no punches when he writes about either the Spartan agoge or the Roman ludus, detailing the brutal training regimes of both.


Lysandra, member of an ancient Spartan sect of warrior priestesses, is the sole survivor of a shipwreck off the coast of Asia Minor who finds herself the property of Lucius Balbus owner of the foremost Ludus for female gladiators in the Eastern Empire.

Their roles are small, but their relationship with Lysandra is comfortable and the two bodyguards brought a smile to my face as they reappeared throughout the story. Whitfield weaves a compelling tale of politics, war and gladiatorial battles.

The core of Whitfield’s sequel revolves around Lysandra and her gladiatrix alter-ego, Achillia, Russell Whitfield returns to Ancient Rome in this very strong sword, sand and sandals epic, “Roma Victrix”, sequel to his debut “Gladiatrix”. The main character Lysandra is very abraisive right from the get-go, you kind of find yourself conflicted on whether you want her to die immediately in the arena or have her survive.

Russ Whitfield is a natural storyteller. Mar 19, Paisley Smith rated it it was amazing. But if you think it’s dumbed down for women readers then you deceive yourself. However, to make the main characters in a story about female gladiators lesbian seemed to be saying that the author didn’t even buy the pretext for his own story.

The main character Lysandra was still arrogant and cocky but in a way that made you love her and chant her name with the rest of the crowd watching her fight.

Yes, it does happen and may be necessary for the story, but please keep it as sketchy as possible. She was always an arrogant Spartan. Albiet, there were some parts I found gruesome and made me a little sick to my stomach. Her friendships with others add a new dimension to her personality. Gladiatrix is the story of a young Spartan woman, Lysandra, who is the only survivor of a shipwreck. It is a long, and difficult journey. Apr 18, Julia rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Book 3 – Imperatrix Lysandra is back and she’s going to war!


Whitfield carried Lysandra’s story further, introducing us to new characters and reacquainting us with beloved characters from Gladiatrix. Sure, it is likely that some of the women would be lesbian or russe,l.

Roma Victrix

It was an whotfield form of arrogance though. Murco and Cappa are ex-Praetorian guards hired to watch over Lysandra as she travels to Rome.

The characters, while entertaining in their idiosyncrasies, are slightly two-dimensional and a Gladiatrix was an enjoyable, distracting read. Alone, she walked through the darkness of the passageway towards the sun-filled amphitheatre.

A Roman Legion Novel. I was ready for something else entirely.

Gladiatrix (Gladiatrix, #1) by Russell Whitfield

The author has created a very entertaining tale, one that grabs you on page one and doesn’t let go. However, as the story progresses, Lysandra begins to soften somewhat. As a mix of fact in a lot of fiction, the book did bring up interesting points about the role of women in Roman society, the interactions between Roman and Greek cultures, and the impact of Roman expansion on captured slaves that I have not encountered in fiction before.

I also don’t care for the comparison between the movie, Gladiatorand Gladiatrix ; they aren’t really anything alike and having a quote comparing them on the cover just led me to expect a boring rehash of the movie starring women instead of men. I will wait for the movie. So what agony has Russ been through with Lysandra in the last 3 years? She was once the greatest gladiatrix in the arena and is yet unbeatable. The death of a conqueror As a woman, I find that a bit insulting. I felt like everything that happened to her was happening to me.

Here’s what I don’t get: