Abstract. This paper describes a computer-aided design for design of the concave globoidal cam with cylindrical rollers and indexing turret. Abstract—This paper describes a computer-aided design for design of the concave globoidal cam with cylindrical rollers and swinging follower. Four models. Globoidal Cams combine great strength and stiffness with compactness. MechDesigner will calculate the Globoidal cam profile to machine accuracy (no.

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A Case Study of Modelling Concave Globoidal Cam

However, the modelling procedure is much more complicated than the case of the concave globoidal cam with swinging roller follower. The outline of the chapter is as follows. The two surfaces of the rib always contact with the rollers cylindrical, spherical or conical of the follower. The origin trajectory in this case is the circle which is the intersection between datum plane and the globoidwl body.

Your suggestions for improvement: The implementation of those methods is presented in a form globoudal an illustrated example in the next section.

There are totally positions checked for a full revolution of the cam. Servo motor can also be applied for the follower. Create the upper pitch surface by using the Variable Section Sweep command Vloboidal 9 c. The Italplant toroidal indexers TIG are globoidal cam mechanisms with similar functioning to the other rotary table of our production. These curves are loci of two points, which are on the roller axis, when the follower rotates.


This is the basis for high precision, positive action and long service life. October 1st DOI: This 3D curve is available on the model 3 and model 4.

The following is one way that can be used to get the cam surface. Thank you for subscribing. Create the origin trajectory and two 3D curves Figure 1 1b. The accuracy of the system is set to 0. Some of them are presented in Table I in the appendix. The relationship between pairs andh andR and can be expressed in graphs. Thank-you for your help. Modifying Joint Axis Settings.

Globoidal cam indexer – All industrial manufacturers – Videos

There are two types of globoidal cams. With DirectIndustry you can: Your answer has been taken into account. The measuring result is that in one revolution of the cam the biggest clearances are on the rise and return periods and they are less than 0.

Some other researchers also described mathematicaly the cam surface, but they used computer to develop a package, which was a combination of AutoCAD R14, 3D Studio Max, and VBA, to generate the surfaces of the roller gear cam En-hui et al. In general, the works mentioned above have used the mathematical expressions for the globoidal cam surfaces and various cam laws as the input data to generate the cam surfaces.


Design and Manufacture Globoidal Cams – any Motion

They are widely used in machine tools, automatic assembly lines, paper processing machines, packing machines, and many automated manufacturing devices. Cut a bank by sweeping a rectangular section Figure 7 to form the cam surfaces if the following constrains are performed: After that, use the Mechanism Design module to define the geometrical relationships of the system, make it move and analyze its motion also.

Evaluate gpoboidal quality of the search results: In theory, geometric errors may exist on every model. Prices are indicative only and may vary by country, with changes in raw materials prices or exchange rates.

Introduction Globoidal cam mechanisms are widely used in industry. Edited by Kankesu Jayanthakumaran.