I’ve been thinking of writing a summary of Groundswell: Winning in a So, let’s jump right in; Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff (not “Bernhoff” as. Groundswell, Expanded and Revised Edition: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies. book. Charlene Li · Josh Bernoff. In Groundswell, Josh Bernoff and Charlene Li explain how to turn this threat into an opportunity. In this updated and expanded edition of Groundswell, featuring.

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Retrieved March 27, It was published in by Harvard Business Press.

Corporate executives struggle to harness the power of social technologies. It’s an unstoppable groundswell that affects every industry — yet it’s still utterly foreign to most companies running things now.

This author is very insightful and she knows what she is talking about. How often do you assess the tactics? Do you see any gaps?

How to Tap into Social Media — A Summary of Groundswell

The Tyze website lets people schedule appointments, plan tasks, connect with others in the network, and connect with each other. Your organization could monitor blogs through Technorati, monitoring tags and descriptions at Del. Recent Posts Ready for a distributed organizing deep dive?

Please expand this article with properly sourced content to meet Wikipedia’s quality standardsevent notability guidelineor encyclopedic content policy. Where and whatever channels people are using to talk about your organization or space, your organizational objective is to listen and learn. Develop a strategy to meet your objectives Technology: Their level of participation is limited to maintaining their profile, uploading pictures, linking to family and friend profiles, and the like.


If it’s donations to save children you’re looking for, perhaps it’s a mix of Talking and Energizing like Nothing But Nets.

They created Tyze to support their organizational imperative, “…create networks, develop resources, cultivate innovation and promote thinking to foster the contribution of people who are isolated and marginalized.

Other examples of collecting are tagging, subscribing to RSS news feeds, adding to del. A healthy participant ecosystem will have all segments of the social technographic breakdown but weighted on some profile types more than others.

How to Tap into Social Media — A Summary of Groundswell | NetChange Consulting

Kevin Allison of the Financial Times praised the book for its focus on Web analytics: For example, Walmart created a situation for itself when they created a Facebook group and negative comments came rolling in. Creators are those people who make the groumdswell, podcasts, blog posts, reviews that most of us consume. Share on Facebook Share. Josh Bernoff is a vice president befnoff Forrester Research and one of their most senior and most frequently quoted research analysts.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Instead, customers are controlling the conversation by using new media to communicate bernnoff products and companies. This page was last edited on 6 Octoberat The biggest piece of advice from the authors is the consideration you must pay to how listening, talking, energizing, supporting, or embracing your audience can reach the outcomes you and your audience hope for. These tools may not be as definitive as a Forrester Research report but it’s better than assuming you know what’s right for your target audience.


Groundswell (book) – Wikipedia

Once you understand berniff your audience is currently doing online you’re ready to define which of 5 social media tactics will meet your organizational objectives:. Spectators are the majority of participants. Views Read Edit View history. Their head is on the block after all, plus can directly monitor the organizational impact of the strategy, and keep the top dog abreast of the status.

Over the last year this website has sought advice from people on grounvswell the next President should do ‘on day one’ of his presidency. Retrieved from ” https: They should have a proven track record of application building, community building, and social media awareness to understand the emergent nature and responsiviness needed for a social media strategy. The groundswell spread marketing messages through Digg and YouTube with a small groundsweol and little marketing experience.

They find articles of interest, submit the link to these sites, categorize the content, and leave it for critics and spectators to enjoy and comment on. Listening Talking Energizing Supportingand Embracing Listening focuses on hearing what people are saying about your organization online.