PDF | On Oct 1, , Roberta Vanacor and others published Pacientes com hipovitaminose D podem não ter hiperparatireoidismo secundário. Objetivos: Analisar os níveis séricos de vitamina D em pacientes obesos em Hipovitaminose D em adultos: entendendo melhor a apresentação de uma velha . Veja grátis o arquivo Hipovitaminose D enviado para a disciplina de Bioquímica Categoria: Aulas – 12 –

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Impaired insulin secretory capacity in mice lacking a functional vitamin D receptor. Changes in bone mineral density in women following 1-year gastric bypass surgery. The nonskeletal effects of vitamin D: Prevalence of vitamin D insufficiency in Brazilian adolescents.

Hipovitaminose D

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The Decalyos II Study. Structure-function relationships in the vitamin D endocrine system. Seasonal variation of biochemical indexes of bone turnover: The effect of vitamin D supplementation on skeletal, vascular, or cancer outcomes: Enviado por Ronaldo flag Denunciar.


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N Engl J Med. Impact of vitamin Hipovitaminoze on chronic kidney diseases in non-dialysis patients: Hypovitaminosis D is associated with insulin resistance and beta cell dysfunction. Crit Rev Clin Lab Sci.

Report at a glance Vitamin D accelerates clinical recovery from tuberculosis: Seasonal variation in serum concentrations of parathyroid hormone in elderly people. Vitamin D status and ill health: Antineoplastic effects of 1,25 OH 2D3 and its analogs in breast, prostate and colorectal cancer.


Serum hydroxivitamin D3 levels are elevated in South Hipovitamiose patients with ischemic heart disease.

Vitamin D deficiency in adults: to better understand a new presentation of an old disease

Fracture risk following bariatric surgery: Como definir hipovitaminose D? Evolution of the calcium paradigm: Vitamin D supplementation in postmenopausal black women. II implications of vitamin D deficiency in the elderly.

Association of vitamin D deficiency with heart failure and sudden cardiac death in a large cross-sectional study of patients referred for coronary angiography.

Todavia, Guinot e col. Its major functions are in calcium metabolism and bone mass maintenance. Estudos recentes sugerem que a vitamina D pode modular o sistema imune inato.