How to Hug a Porcupine: Dealing with Toxic & Difficult to Love Personalities. by John L. Lund. Hug Read and enjoy the words of author John Lund. How To Hug A Porcupine: Dealing with Toxic and Difficult to Love Personalities by Dr John Lund. Product Description. It is like Dr. Lund is in the room with you as he reads How to Hug a Porcupine, his book about how to deal with the toxic people we will all.

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Jan 21, Rosemary rated it it was amazing. This book was one series of amazing revelations after another about how toxic personalities in my life – those constantly negative people who drain all patience and happiness out of me – don’t have to be given that power.

I’ve noticed more and more the increase of toxic people in my life and the life of my spouse. I read this book before the Cruise and it really helped me deal effectively with adult children with toxic attitudes. Ken Weir — December 22, I give others the right to be whatever version of themselves they want to be. For years I have enjoyed and come back to Dr. Jan 01, C. One of the great things, is being able to be around toxic people I love without allowing my self worth to be injured by them.

This book has really helped me, because I have many people on my husband’s side that are hard to love. It helped to open my eyes and be more willing to try. Quotes from How to Hug a Porc Everyone must read this book. It may even help identify porcupine characteristics in yourself my own testimonial!

I do think his ideas are a must read or a must hear for everyone. I found it to be that useful!

This book helps to clarify distinct boundaries and suggests ways to become my best lunnd. I have learned about toxic traits I have and learned how to deal with toxic traits I ljnd in my family members and people I have to deal with frequently. Description Additional Information Reviews 3 Product Description Whether you live with them, married them, gave birth to them pordupine work with them, the fact is we all know them.


I now finally have a clear vision of how to become the best person I can be and how to make the best of my relationships with those around me.

If we did not expect anything we would not be frustrated. This book is basically an instruction manual on how to deal with people who are toxic, how to take criticism and how to give criticism.

Even in little things, he reminds us that we need to always act in a way that we are the best we can be. None of the help pkrcupine gives will work unless you a For years I have enjoyed and come back to Dr.

Switch on Your Brain. I’ll be keeping this nearby as a reference Your email address will not be published.

Books by John Lewis Lund. This book took a long time to read, only because I needed to immerse myself in what was said and to try and use his many wonderful ideas in my own life.

How To Hug A Porcupine

It is currently out of print but many copies can be found on Amazon. That of living with people that drain you with an onslaught of negativity. They are the individuals that are impossible to please, the ones with toxic personalities.

It doesn’t give you all the answers for each situation, but it does help you separate yourself from “toxic” people in a healthy way for you and a healthy way for them and still have a workable relationship. Additional Information Weight 1. I plan to read it again. I love the practical advice in this book, how to receive criticism, and how to give criticism, as well as tactics for dealing with critical, toxic people in one’s life.


How To Hug A Porcupine – Dr John Lund

The part I didn’t anticipate was the painful reality of my own toxic interactions. Prickles doesn’t mean unloving or unlovable. Aug 15, Jessica Hartzell rated it really liked it. View more products by John L. I like the reassurance that I am not crazy, it is not all my fault, it is not all up to me to fix, the “stuff” going on in the relationship is not just my imagination, and there porfupine things within my power I can hoa to lessen the insanity.

The book over emphasizes how destructive criticism can be may be a personal perspectivebut if you patiently plow through the repetition, you are richly rewarded with the material that follows. Jan 05, Podcupine rated it really liked it. Lists with This Book. The information in this book is so accessible and entertaining.

How to Hug a Porcupine Audiobook – Dr John Lund

Forces us to take a good long look at our relationships and ourselves, perhaps more than we intended to. I listened to it as a book on CD, read and commented by the author. Paperbackpages. Sometimes, helpful reminders on how to get along, understand, and give space to the harder to love can bring more peace to us and the social, working and family communities we strive porrcupine live in. It is a MUST read in this lifetime!!!! Oct 18, Missy rated it really liked it.

Claire — January 27, Trivia About How to Hug a Porc He believes that the challenge is to not let toxic people to cause you to become as toxic as they are and reveals how this is possible.