I have taken your sample HTML and I have used it to create the ParseHtml2 example. The resulting PDF, , looks like this: enter image description here. This tool parses (X)HTML snippets and the associated CSS and converts them to PDF. XMLWorker is an extra component for iText®. The first XML to PDF. XML Worker is a part of iText 5 – MOVED TO GITHUB. parse (X)HTML(5)/CSS /) to PDF; a framework to parse your own XML to PDF.

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Paragraph ; import com.

iText – HTML to PDF with XMLWorker

I most certainly agree with that. Element ; import com. You can’t use the igext settings for that. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

iText 5 XML Worker

ColumnText ; import com. Hi Balder, I most certainly agree with that. ParseXHtml pdfWriter, doc, sr ; doc. I tried to render the enclosed html file to pdf and I did not get a good result.


Thank you for your interest in this question. Skip to main content. At first sight, I don’t see any issues with the Polish characters.

Many questions posted to this list can and will be answered with a reference to the iText book: Splunk takes this data and makes sense of it. Note that you have defined Times New Roman as the font.

GetInstance doc, new FileStream Server. Hi, Thanks for the links Balder. If I’m correct it is better to define a width for your tables, then the XMLWorker does not have to try and fit text in it.

That font doesn’t support Polish characters. I appreciate giving your time to us. Document ; import com. Source code is stored as a text file, but using which encoding? It’s better to write measures in points pt. HtmlPipelineContext ; import com. TagProcessor this way the text in the font tag will be in the PDF and handled itexf the span tag.

BrunoLowagie Yes Sir, you have right. XMLWorker ; import com. I’ve got a string with an example in it – it works really great, xmlworksr when I’m adding polish letters, they’re gone. Maybe you are using a font that doesn’t know how to draw Polish glyphs. Div ; import com. WritableElement ; import sandbox.


Writable ; import com. HtmlPipeline ; import com. They are used in answer to questions such as: ProcessObject ; import com.

Do you see the Standard Type 1 font Helvetica?

XML Worker examples

ByteArrayInputStream ; import java. ArrayList ; import java. I should use FontFactory. FileRetrieveImpl ; import com. Why is XMLWorker parsing slow? XMLWorkerHelper ; import com. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? PdfWriterPipeline ; import com. FileRetrieve ; import com.

You can easily write a TagProcessor that does support the font tag as you see fit. TagProcessorFactory ; import com. Will keep in touch once I have update on it. CssAppliers ; import com.