Jan Fennell, “The dog listener”, is an English dog trainer who applied the insights of Monty Roberts into horse behavior to the behavior of dogs. Her training. In The Dog Listener Jan Fennell shares her revolutionary insight into the canine world and its instinctive language that has enabled her to bring even the mo. Jan Fennell. likes . I heard a woman describe her dog as being ‘naughty and very ‘wilful’ and then heard her human.

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Oh dear – I am confused! There is dispute over whether this type of training program can have negative effects and it has been called “psychologically cruel” by one author. Discussion in ‘ Lietener Training: You are never meant to be harsh or abusive but the idea I think is liztener the dog responds to you as a leader fog knows you have everything covered; it is safe.

I would give it a go with the trainer and just see if it all feels right to you. I just read listene lot! It can then possibly trust its owner to take decisions and will become contented and relaxed.

OberonJun 12, Log in or Sign up. Ollie, the young lad, loves to play football with him, he is only 9 or 10 years old, Benson acts more like a puppy with them, when he sees them in the garden he can’t wait to play I don’t know, it seems he has an innate understanding of where he is in the pack so to speak?

In addition to her books and DVD, Fennell has her own TV show explaining the understanding of dogs and demonstrating successful interventions, currently playing on Animal Planet on Friday nights.

To lead do you have to dominate?


I’m not sure about everything in her book, but I really liked that one. Seems to be a kind and thoughtful approach based on observation of the dog’s behaviour so I wouldn’t think you’d run into any problems with harsh techniques.

Do you already have an account? I control the good stuff mostly. The dog does not need to protect itself or the handler because the handler takes on the role. If that is the case, maybe this is one of the reasons why socialisation at a young age is so important, especially with other dogs. Is ignoring a dog dominating it? Her training method is based on the theory that dogs, being descended from wolves, fit the social model of the pack – an ordered hierarchy with a clearly defined leader.

Good leaders lead out of respect and trust; bad leaders lead through dominance and fear Orwellian theory? The leadership concept is different to the dominance concept as it’s based on something you earn not something you demand by force.

Jan Fennell

This is not achieved by dominance from the handler in an aggressive way, indeed the handler must remain calm and quietly in control.

There seems to be a difference between the two. Thoughts on “training” the Jan Fennell way ;D When does puppy arrive? Principle and Practice ‘ started by Jane MartinJun 11, I’d just be prepared to go along with a willingness to question and literally ask questions, which I am sure you will do!

Theoretically this makes the dog anxious: Look at me, I know nothing! Thoughts on “training” the Jan Fennell way Listenef have read some interesting ‘critiques’ of Jan Fennel’s approach. Jun 15, Messages: We hopefully don’t rule them out of fear.

As I understand it limited knowledge the handler fennrll away the stress and responsibility that comes with the dog being the pack leader, by making all of the decisions.

Feb 14, Messages: Yes, my password is: BeanwoodJun 12, Have fun with your pup, work on a great relationship built on love and trust I think this is very iandon’t reward bad behaviour, reward good behaviour, and it seems to work out just fine.


Jan Fennell – Wikipedia

The dog has a stress free life. RosieJun 12, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He is most relaxed and comfortable playing with puos his age or younger, he appears confident and carefree. And if this means you are calm, consistent and clear and so on, with your dog, fab and it’s a good system unless it starts getting distorted into daft rules. Dog listener meets the original horse vog live on GMTV”. JulieTJun 12, Maybe this has already been discussed – sorry if it lisrener.

Thoughts on “training” the Jan Fennell listendr I’m just guessing here but you might find that if the trainer has a particular theory that the training methods are based on then there might be a few more rules for the humans too. You are MY leader!

She jam that dogs are unable to understand any other social model, and when co-opted into human families as pets still see themselves as pack members. Has anyone any comments on The Dog Listener? There has been some work on wild dog packs not wolves but feral dogs suggesting that the dogs that seem to be leading are the ones that are calm and confident and have worked their way there through a history of building relationships with other dogs sorry, don’t have a reference off the top cog my head but will look.