CHANGE NO. 2 to JANAP (E) is EFFECTIVE UPON RECEIPT and JANAP (D), which shall be destroyed in accordance with current. JANAP (). CHAPTER I. GENERAL DESCRIPTION AND PURPOSE OF COMMUNICATION. INSTRUCTIONS FOR REPORTING. VITAL INTELLIGENCE. for the U.S. JANAP (D) will become effective for the Canadian Forces when directed by the appropriate implementing agency. 3. This publication contains.

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Head of a pin, pea, dime, nickel, quarter, half dollar, silver dollar, base- ball, grapefruit, or basketball held in the hand at about arm’s length. We believe janwp constitutes a “Fair Use” of any such copyrighted material as provided for in 17 U. The following precedence will be employed in the transmission of all CIRVIS reports, as appropriate, commensurate with the communica- tions facilities used: When reporting identifiable objects: The reports, therefore, shall be transmitted as soon as possible after the sighting.

But seems your turning views on this thread to negatives as though you believe but not when others do and post their views mr gazrok? Head of a p.

Service-originated correspondence will be forwarded through the normal military chain of command, marked for the attention of the appropriate Service communications director, as listed below, and will not be addressed to the US Joint Chiefs of Staff: Any discernible features or details. This is done as a means to not only give a psychological analysis to see if you were hallucinating, but to discredit a UFO report if somebody in your family has mental illness.

The post-landing report will refer to the airborne report s and, in addition, contain a brief resume of weather conditions at the time of sighting sverification of the sighting s by other personnel and any other information deemed appropriate. Precedence priority of transmission.

Give brief description of the sighting which should contain the following items as appropriate. Obviously pilots cannot speak- Here is the link, and it is quite interesting.

JANAP 146 – Airline Pilots and Ufo Sightings

News and informational articles posted here are for the non-profit purposes of criticism comment education and news reporting. Have you googled it to see what else you could find yet?


Originally posted by heelstone From what I’ve read, a lot of people do not put much emphasis on the power or oddity of that section of JANAP I have an Internet buddy who used to fly with US Airways and he told me he has seen a lot of weird stuff.

This thread reminded me of it. Tags ufo sightings reports janap or air force manual What is the procedure for a pilot who spots unusual occurences in the United States? Whichever of these headquarters receives the report will immediately notify the other and also all other addressees of the original report s. Such reports should be transmitted as a brief message cancelling the previous report s.

I do not know if this topic has been discussed here before, I did an ats search with janal results. All civilian faci- lities and personnel are also urged to do so.

Seamans, Jr, famously announced, on the 17th of December,that no US military agency will continue the reporting, or receiving of reports, of UFO events, and, that: Permission is granted to copy or make extracts from this publication, as desired, without reference to the US Joint Chiefs of Staff.

If photographs were taken and have not already been forwarded, they should be forwarded as in- dicated in paragraph as soon as possible after reaching ORIGINAL f pozt. These- reports should contain a reference to the orig- inal report sufficient to identify them with tre original sighting.

Cancellation reports should be made in the event a ere- vlously reported sighting is positively identified as friendly or that it has been erroneously reported.

JANAP 146 (1952)

Give brief description of the sighting which should contain the following items as appropriate: Also, this was an ongoing pair of reporting systems which were used to report UFOs 1466 after Department of the Air Force accounting svir. Communications procedures to be employed will be basically those prescribed for the communications system or service used.

Example of a Radiotelephone Transmission: Vessels which are manned by military or civil service personnel will use military communication procedure. Ground procedures have been established to handle CIRVIS reports by Canadian-United States military and civil communications facilities, so the same procedures as those now established and in use by pilots for air traffic control shall be followed.


With only about two pages for the report itself. The appropriate entry shall made on the Record of Changes and Corrections page that this change has been entered. Please white-list or disable AboveTopSecret. A position with reference to a known landmark also should be given in electrical reports, such as “2mi N of Dee- ville;” “3mi SW of Blue Lake.

UFO Sightings reports JANAP or Air Force Manual | UFO Sightings | UFO News Reports

If heard, describe sound. Communications Act ofas amended, and the Canadian Radio Act ofas amended. He said that this applies to most, if not all, major US airlines. These headquarters are the normal points of contact between the two countries and are responsible for passing MERINT reports of interest, including delayed reports, to each other.

Should instances occur, when use of the above procedure fails to clear the frequency ies over all other jsnap in progress except as provided for in a, the International Urgency Signal “XXX” transmitted three 3 times or “PAN” spoken three 3 times will be employed to facilitate disposition of the message to the receiving faci- lity.

The reports, therefore, shall be transmitted as soon as possible after the sighting. Any or all questions of charges will be resolved after traffic has been handled. These headquarters are the normal points of contact between the two countries and are responsible for passing CIRVIS reports of interest, including post-landing reports, to each other. S Certain other US and Canadian vessels including fishing vessels. If the port jahap arrival is outside of Canada or USA, the report is to be made to the nearest Canadian or US military or dip- lomatic representative in the area.

He firmly believes in UFOs.