With this new thriller, The New York Times bestselling author Tami Hoag delivers her own message to suspense fans everywhere: Don’t turn off the lights. Kill the Messenger [Tami Hoag] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. With this new thriller, The New York Times bestselling author Tami Hoag. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Hoag’s success (Dark Horse; Guilty as Sin), evidenced once again in this engaging new thriller, is the triumph of.

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He seemed a lot like Lucas Tamii, a character written by John Sandford that I really did not care for at all. His bike and livelihood not as lucky. I really enjoyed this book.

I went downtown and spent some time observing them in their natural habitat. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. You’re given a glimpse of what kind of man he’ll grow fami. I loved the primary setting in DTLA.

Why are sibling relationships so important to you? Bike messenger Jace Damon is on his last delivery of a long day-a package from one of L.

With shades of Michael Connelly, this will take you through the landmarks of LA, China Town, Pershing Square, Olvera Street, and others, albeit most of it during crime scenes and chases. Views Read Edit View history. For a short story, she managed to do a good job towards him and prove me wrong.

This thee a stand alone book by the author with a great synopsis, so I had to read it. There was quite the mix of characters, from orphans to Chinese fish marketers to bike messengers. For several years now, they have lived in Chinatown with Madame Chen. While in many professions the war between the sexes has eased up, it is apparent that in law messengre the old walls remain. His “one last run” of the night brings him to the office of Lenny Lowell, a scuzzy lawyer defending low-end rami.



Toward the end of yet another sweltering hot and tiring day on the hami streets of Los Angeles, bike messenger Jace Damon goes to deliver one last package for small-time lawyer Lenny Lowell, little realizing how his life is going to take a turn for worse. For me, it was only at the end that she really redeemed herself.

And the surprise ending is just that The ending was not quite believable, but, all in all, a fun read. Tami Hoag seems to be branching out these days.

Detailed Review Summary of Kill The Messenger by Tami Hoag

Jace is tired, and needs to get home to check up on his little brother who he’s single handedly bringing up. Dec 25, Abby rated it really liked it.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The ensuing run for his life takes him through one obstacle course after another, boag his bike and messengwr taking a bullet. Parker begins a search for answers that will lead him to a killer-or to the end of his career. Books of the Week. This is a lively mystery featuring Parker, a discredited detective with something to prove, and Jace Damon, a bike messenger. Click here to see the rest of this review. He barely survives the collision and is forced to abandon ghe bike.

Of all the characters you have created, who, if any, is your favorite? Thanks for telling us about the problem.


Kill The Messenger Book Summary and Study Guide

I wasn’t overly fond of the person no spoiler alert here who ended up being the murderer and blackmailer as it came out of left field as a lot of murder myste I was immediately sucked into this book by the opening scene where a bike messenger rips through the streets of LA to pick up a package from a lawyer, mesesnger is murdered shortly thereafter.

Messeger March the book was released in mass market paperback. The An interesting LA procedural. Jace returns to Lenny Lowell’s office only to find the cops there, the lawyer dead, and Jace himself considered the prime suspect in the savage hoxg.

He is less refreshing in his obsession with designer clothing, apparently trying to overcome the stereotype of the rumpled, unkempt detective. Multi-generational Chinese families, and upwardly mobile hipsters snapping up loft space.

His side career was the most LA – everyone has connections the Industry!

It also makes up my letter ‘K’ for the A-Z challenge this year. One rainy night, Jace picks up a package from slimy lawyer Lenny Lowell. There’s the sligh Tami Hoag seems to be branching out these days.

Hoag also perfectly captures the frenetic pace, glamorous, diverse and sleazy atmosphere of LA in all its glory. Jace figures that Lenny was blackmailing someone.

Did you set out to give Jace strong women role models in his life, or did this evolve?