Kristijonas Donelaitis was a Prussian Lithuanian poet and Lutheran pastor. He lived and worked in Lithuania Minor, a territory in the Kingdom of Prussia, that had a sizable Lithuanian-speaking minority. He wrote the first classic Lithuanian language poem, The Seasons (Lithuanian: Metai). Kristijonas Donelaitis’ Metai in der Tradi- tion nationaler Epen in Europa / Kristijono Donelaičio Metai. Europos nacionalinių epų tradicijoje. parengė Mikas Vaicekauskas, Vilnius: Lietuvių literatūros ir tautosakos institutas,. , + CD Mp3: Kristijonas Donelaitis, Metai, skaito Rolandas Kazlas, Vilnius.

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All these meats the Krizas’ cook so chopped and pounded, Violently boiled and roasted for the wedding, Such a roar and tumult all along the street Startled village neighbor Pauluks with amazement. Many of us, bloated to the full, stupidly, Find a taste for singing German songs and curses, And like Germans, run to taverns every day. What’s the good that Diksas, naked in his riches, Kneels before his hoard of gold and worships, groaning?

Woodcut from “The Seasons” by V. Summer must come again, and we’ll enjoy her balm.

The manuscript of “The Seasons” was handed over to the then Institute of Lithuanian Language and Literature, and at present it is held in the manuscript collection of the Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Doneaitis. No; not to weep, but to rejoice they all came here. Vaga, — p. It is a common consensus that Donelaitis started writing the fables about The third edition compiled by pulling together Donelaitis’ writings and the addendum published in And the queen bee remembered to awaken Her hive and send it forth to gainful labor.

Descriptions of nature make a considerable part of the poem, since nature is part of the world created by God. There are many imbeciles who in their wicked Hearts will look on the poor peasantry as louts, Yet they do themselves often behave as louts.


Donelaitis by his work aspired to reinforce the moral values developed by the nation through ages, to uproot vices, to develop spiritual resistance dlnelaitis the nation. Ah, what tasks have we not labored to complete! Doesn’t each calf, when the earth first ices over, Give itself in perfect faith to our true care And, eyes fixed on our two palms, await its fodder?

Violins and zither pause, ashamed, when you Lift your sweet voice up and up, in simple song Lietuvos aidas metwi,nr. Social and literary significance of “The Seasons”; II.

And rats with skunks walked out of their cold crannies As crows, ravens and magpies, with the owls, Mice and their offspring and the moles, praised warmth.

Kristijonas Donelaitis

Metai [ The Seasons ]: Siparis, scenography – A. Such a man will hustle roundly till he’s drooping, Bow before his meager supper with contentment, Haying eaten, thank the Lord with satisfaction, Roll into his bed, bedrowsed but strong and happy.

donelairis A comprehensive academic edition of Donelaitis’ writings, prepared by the scientific staff of the Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore and published in Of these publications, several deserve a special notice.

Oh, how from the lowering west the furious winds Northward, eastward veer and turn, as cold of winter Moves its broad front toward us into Lithuania. Sweat, too much, has poured across our dirt-streaked faces, Rolled and splashed in streamlets down our noses.

Like some lowly rogue, he’s troubled and uneasy, Ever cringing, for, like Cain, he’s scared of heaven. Now the wedding guests, at their ease, having eaten And too generously quaffed their heavy draughts, Quite forgot to say their prayers, as Christians should, And like pigs of manor serf a shame to tell itSoon began to sing and squeal out swinish ditties. All extant Donelaitis’ manuscripts are now kept in the Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore.


Doors were ajar, the windows and the sills had fallen; Somehow, everywhere, the whole abode seemed crooked. Soon the husband gathered boughs and twigs in armfuls, While, mstai delay, his wife patched up their home.

Kristijonas Donelaitis ”Metai” by gintare daujotaite on Prezi

They swapped tales, and the musicians rushed together, Playing the peasant melodies, now for the dance. An incomplete collection of Donelaitis’ works, published in in Kaunas on the basis of the ‘s and ‘s editions, with an introductory article by Kostas Korsakas —”Donelaitis and his “The Seasons””.

Another edition of Brazaitis’ redaction, supplemented by his krisyijonas ” The poet of buras culture”. The text of “The Seasons” prepared by K. Like the best-dressed gentleman, the beggar is born moronic And, no differently, he sucks on the breasts of a ,ristijonas.

Oratorio Seasons following Kristijonas Krustijonas for the first time whole oratorio performed. The peasants are praised and scolded, encouraged and restricted according to the norms of Doneaitis morality, their life and behaviour is evaluated according to the truths of the Holy Scripture.

As yet the food was scarce, but none of them complained. Sir in silks and serf concealed by straw have to whimper Till the time when both at last start sensibly thinking.