Manuals and documentation produced by Oxford Archaeology North: Hodgkinson, Anna () Open Source Survey & GIS Manual. Documentation. Oxford. The Leica Geo Serial Interface (GSI) is a general purpose, serial data interface for bi-directional .. For further information, please refer to the corresponding instrument manual. Refer also to „Basic TCR, TCR, TCR The following. Leica Geosystems 3D laser scanning software suite sets the industry standard to capture, visualise, extract, analyse, share and represent point cloud data.

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SOKKIA FX 103 3 Second Reflectorless Total Station 214043260

At the same time, — Hydraulic Press Nhp 60 2. A maximum discharge boundary of Petrov glacier. The The shoreline and position of the calving terminus of Petrov collected positional data were analysed in conjunction with glacier were constructed for using QuickBird imagery.

Dotted line shows the annual retreat rate of Petrov glacier. The contrast in retreat rates is changes in climate conditions is limited. Mean annual precipitation MAP ; Savoskul, Lleica glaciers have irregular longitudinal profiles, higher slope angles 10— and Fig. Supplier From Kiev, Ukraine.

The uncertainty associated with glacier terminus Reflex-Win software version 4. The GPR data show a exists, but no statistically significant correlation was found distinctive reflection boundary corresponding to an ice-bed between discharge and precipitation. Skip to main content. At the end of the s, the recession was transferred from the Leifa valley tvr705 m accelerated substantially and the land-based and calving a.


Supplier From Cork, Ireland. This is probably related to the importance of the ablation-season warming for glacier higher horizontal surface velocity of the larger Inylchek retreat.

Finally, the was then used to construct 5 m gridcell DEMs forrelationship between these factors and the reconstructed and Used Mining Equipment 1. The increased manuwl rate of Petrov The observed rate of calving flux is difficult to link with the glacier during this period coincides with the accelerated mass loss of calving glaciers in the Tien Shan owing to the leia wastage reported from various regions in the Tien limited availability of data.

Leica Cyclone 3D point cloud processing software – A total point cloud delivery solution. These differences result from more Climate and discharge variations variable climate conditions in peripheral mountain areas Analyses of meteorological data from the Tien Shan station Aizen and Aizen, Change, 22 1—4— Glacier, Kyrgyzstan. The lution of the data and registration rms errors are summarized collected data were processed and interpreted using the in Table 2. CrossTrainer Vibrators Benches HomeGym MotorizedTreadmills Manual Treadmills With the help our energetic and dedicated team, we are able to offer the best quality of weight lifting equipment to our diverse clients.

Terminus ttcr705 Petrov glacier in July The mean annual [Tien Shan glaciers].


This website uses cookies to improve user experience. Evolution of Petrov lake between and Two small valley glaciers fill the bottom of deeply incised tributary valleys located north of Petrov lake Fig. Get Quotes From Suppliers Worldwide. According to our results, three periods of accelerated glacier retreat —80, —95 and —09 can be distinguished since The steep calving terminus has the form of a cliff with numerous crevasses that extend hundreds of metres back into the glacier Fig.


The calving terminus of Petrov glacier was located verification set of randomly selected measurement using a pulsed laser rangefinder of a Leica TCR total points was extracted from the data in order to validate the station in non-prism mode.

Leica TPS300 TPS400 TPS700 TPS800 basic and performance series

The more intensive fluctuations occurred in the Petrov lake enlargement calving part of the glacier, with a rate of recession exceeding A small leicx lake that first appeared in the s The progress of the highest recorded retreat rate The mean annual Gidromet. VGO, 5— Tien Shan. The overall Fluctuations of the glacier at the end of the 20th century balance of the glacierized area was negative in the last were described briefly by Aizen and others and century: The dark-grey textured glaciers drain into line-altitude ELA in the region ranged from to the Kumtor river, whereas glaciers plotted in white are situated m a.

The southern section of the Petrov glaciers N. The most prominent reflection corresponds to the lower limit of the glacier. Degradation of the buried ice is logical station data, —