5 feb. Lista verbelor neregulate  Infinitiv Trecut Participiu trecut Traducere to abide abode abode a astepta, a sta, a locui to arise arose arisen a se. Conjugarea online pentru toate verbele din limbile română, engleză, franceză, germană, spaniolă şi italiană. Formele verbelor neregulate din limba engleză. Lista verbe neregulate (Iregular verbs.) Past tense . Documentos similares a Lista Verbelor Neregulate Proiect Didactic Limba Germana Si Evaluare.

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Louise was teaching English while my sister was teaching History.

He goes to school everyday. I heard him walk slowly in the dark. He would have read 3. Put the sentences into the negative and interrogative forms.

He looked at verbleor in the mirror. I was watching TV when she came. I have just fixed my car. He isn’t at home. Cazul genitiv The Genitive Case. Their children’s names are Lauren and Daniel.

Seven rats lived in the attic last winter. I must be at the hospital at two. Verbele accentuate sunt lisha timpul viitor simplu: Uncle Daniel is really a sweet old man. The experiment will last for one hundred fifty days.


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Ei nu pot citi ceea ce tocmai ai scris. The students read English writers in their literature class. Nici unul dintre ei doi nu are dreptate.

She will have been cooking for over five hours by the time everyone arrives for dinner.

While she was watching TV yesterday, her friend lidta to see her. She left two hours ago. The sound of a loud knocking at the door interrupted us. Did she ask you any questions?

Lista Verbelor Neregulate

I’m playing the guitar. Sama bin laden Which of these books do you prefer? They are woking in this moment.

My teacher said we could read them if we needed extra credit. Daniel and Mathew said they would come over right after work, so they should be here by 5: Do you see Have you seen Are you seeing I have read it. He has been seen Past Perfect: Pronumele negativ nobody, no one nimeninone nici unulneither nici unul din doinothing nimic: I shall have given Conditional: My father, my mother, my brother and my sister had been living there, too.


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They do not want to play outside. She goes to school in the afternoon, every day of the week: I am not eating now Does she go to school everyday? He was reasonable about her decision. Daniel went on holiday in July. I have already read the newspaper today. Adjectivul My house is bigger than yours.

This new software enables the user to get lots of reports for the management. Julie has a guitar, and she plays it really well. Adverbele de timp Adverbs of Time. That is your germans.