LTE;. Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access (E-UTRA);. Packet Data Convergence Protocol (PDCP) specification. (3GPP TS version Release. PDCP is an abbreviation for Packet Data Convergence Protocol. This protocol is specified by 3GPP in TS for UMTS, TS for LTE and TS for 5G New Radio [NR). The PDCP is located in the Radio Protocol Stack in the UMTS/LTE/5G Air 3GPP TS Packet Data Convergence Protocol (PDCP ) specification. Packet Data Convergence Protocol (PDCP) specification. (Release 8). The present document has been developed within the 3rd Generation Partnership Project.

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Because the step of FIG. Also, certain general terms used herein shall be interpreted according to their dictionary meaning, or interpreted in view of the context without being construed too narrowly. In acknowledged mode, it is assumed that the directios is ‘Both’ always.

In another embodiment, the control unit determines whether or ltw the difference between the sequence number assigned to the next PDCP SDU and the sequence number assigned to the last PDCP PDU completely and successfully transmitted from the lower layer is less than the predetermined number. Lte enb pdcp rlc rlc nr rlc dpcp pdcp gnb nr pdcp nr rlc nr mac s1 s1 mcg bearer split bearer scg bearer xx mcg master cell group scg secondary cell group.

Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving data using a plurality of carriers in mobile communication system. In one embodiment, the receiving step, the determining sspec, and the assigning step are implemented by a PDCP entity.

PDCP – Wikipedia

I have a feeling control plane does not delete each one of them. Information from this indication would be used by RRC during handover execution phase.

Reduced latency, higher user data rates, improved system capacity and coverage. It is control data being used in PDCP layer.

Last packet is expected to be indicated explicitly. A physical channel e. Huawei e lte usb stick issue date 01 huawei technologies co. Fourth-generation mobile communication is the fourth generation of wireless mobile communications standards.

US8804742B2 – PDCP packet transmission method – Google Patents

Openssl on qoriq communications platform and c29x crypto. Also, any words or phrases used herein in the singular may be interpreted to cover their plurality, unless clearly described to the contrary. At times when channel condition is not good but not so bad to trigger HO it may so happen that acks can be delayed and 2K limit let much faster due to higher rate.


When the PDCP layer gets this indication from the control plane, it should start forwarding the un-acknowledged downlink packets and uplink packets that are received out-of-order. For example, without exceeding the scope of the present invention, a first element can also be explained as a second element, while a second element can also be explained as a first element. Just try to go through this illustration whenever you have chance and try to have your own idea first.

Packet Data Convergence Protocol .pdf

Also, if a technical term herein is not specifically defined in a different manner, such will be interpreted to have the meaning that one of ordinary skill in the art would understand, without an excessively broad or excessively narrow interpretation. An interface for transmitting user traffic or control traffic may be used between the eNBs If not, how does PDCP layer send the bit map indications of the out-of-order packets.

It gives an impression that packets are stored in the PDCP layer for inorder delivery to the upper layers. It should be noted that the functional blocks shown in FIG. The tm lte a offers the earliest access to the latest 3gpp functionality, before real handsets, as well as layered operation and a high degree of logging and control.

Control packets are used by ROHC to provide feedback to the compressors from decompressors. I was thinking for some time that how does remote PDCP layer know about this drop. Accordingly, LastSucceededSN is set to Hereafter, with reference to the attached drawings, some embodiments will be explained, and regardless of the reference numbers in the drawings, some elements may be labeled pdxp the same reference numbers and any repetitive explanations may have been omitted merely for the sake of brevity.

Hence this information from source eNB needs to be sent to the target eNB. One thing to note is that these procedures are described from UE context. The fapi spec supports the implementation of a stateless phy where. In regards to Status message over X2AP: Method and apparatus for performing handover using packet data convergence protocol pdcp reordering in mobile communication system.


The method of claim 1wherein the predetermined number is In terms of basic operation, what PDCP does seems very simple. Spsc to 3g patent platform 3gpp spsc 8, lte was introduced providing higher access rates. While this invention has been described in connection with what is presently considered to be practical exemplary embodiments, it is to be understood that the invention is not limited to the disclosed embodiments, but, on the contrary, is intended to cover various modifications and equivalent arrangements included within the spirit and scope of the appended claims.

I can correct your second wonder! Next generation mobile network the evolution to 4g technology to quickly solve problems in. First of all, sppec user data transmission and spdc process according to the conventional art will be described below. They sped given to the upper layers immediately after Security and RoHC processing. These are used by control plane protocol to send the packets to the UE.

Namely, the function of the header compressor is applied only for the U-plane data, and the integrity protection function among the functions of the security handling unit is applied only for the C-plane data. The method of claim 1wherein the new value corresponds to pdc; sequence number of the last PDCP SDU completely and successfully transmitted from the lower layer.

The method of claim 1wherein the method is performed by a PDCP entity. The WTRU entity of claim 6wherein the predetermined soec is The method for transmitting PDCP packet, includes the steps of: As illustrated in FIG. Pdcp phy mme sgw s1 mac inter cell rrm radio admission control rlc eutran epc. Also, any words or phrases used herein in the slec may be interpreted to cover their plurality, unless clearly described to the contrary.

For RBs for which the Discard Timer is to set to ms50, ms, ms, ms, ms, ms, and ms, rather than to infinity, upon receipt of data from upper layers, the PDCP layer starts the Discard Timer of the corresponding data.

MAC-I is the special information for Integrity protection.